Chuwi Larkbox Crowdfunding Amount has Reached 540K USD & Supported by 3500 Users


The crowdfunding project of Chuwi Larkbox has achieved pretty excellent results until now. And Larkbox gets more than 3500 users to support as well as accumulating funds raised nearly $540K so far by depending on its popular selling points, the smallest 4K mini PC in the world. At the same time, Chuwi also recently released its crowdfunding extension target: when the funds are accumulated to 800K USD, Chuwi will send a 2in1 keyboard and mouse set. To bring more efficient experience for the users while using the Chuwi Larkbox.

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The smallest 4K mini PC

Chuwi Larkbox gets so much support in the short term because of its differentiation, practicality, and comprehensive excellent product quality. From the outside, the Larkbox has a baseball-sized body so that you can put it in your pocket directly. It’s very portable. On the other hand, Chuwi Larkbox equips with Intel J4115 processor, 6GB LPDDR4 memory, 128GB storage, which is extremely suitable for office and other proposes. With the UHD 600 graphics card, you can watch hard decode 4K videos smoothly. The Larkbox is outstanding both in-office and entertainment.

Small and portable, Multiple scenes for use

  • A portable office Its super small body doesn’t take up any space wherever you put it in the office. For processing documents, making PPT and other office uses, its excellent comprehensive performance configuration is completely enough. What’s more, you can take it to other places easily, which is convenient for telecommuting.
  • A 4K television box. Chuwi Larkbox Supports output 4K video signals through the HDMI interface of the fuselage to connect to the living room TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming programs. It can show you the shocking 4k audiovisual experience.
  • Hidden all in one machine. Mini PC supports the VESA rack. It can be installed on the monitor, perfectly hide the fuselage to become an efficient office machine.

With its small and portable body, Chuwi Larkbox can be used more than these places. There will be many other uses such as conference room projection host, advertising display host, and so on.

Chuwi Larkbox

Chuwi Larkbox’s crowdfunding progress has far beyond the original target which is the impact of its excellent product quality. It recently goes on working towards the extension of the goal of 800K USD. For now, Larkbox crowdfunding is almost going to the end. You can get many discounts by attending crowdfunding.  More information about the activity and Larkbox visit here.


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