Chuwi Officially Launched Chuwi HIBook Pro 10.1inch OGS,8000mAh Tablet PC


Chuwi has officially launched its new tablet pc, Chuwi Hibook Pro which is famous for its 10.1inch 2560*1600 OGS screen, as we know, Chuwi Hibook also uses 10.1inch IPS Touch Screen but it has 1920 x 1200 Resolution. Therefore, this time Chuwi has highly improved its screen quality to create better visual experience.

Chuwi HIbook Pro using IPS screen with 298 PPI, compared with IPad Pro with 9.7inch screen, 263PPI and 12.9inch screen, 264PPI. Therefore, Chuwi Hibook pro proves its highest screen resolution to show the more vivid screen color to neglect the pixels’ existence!


Chuwi Hibook Pro first used the OGS screen, so that LCD can be closely connected with TP to make the screen effect into a high level. Because of OGS screen, we can hold in one hand and it shows very light. Thanks to OGS, it makes screen more excellent, and its clarity up to 400 degree, even if when you watch videos under the sun, the screen can still show the clear images.


Chuwi Hibook Pro is powered by Intel X5 processor, and eighth generation HD Graphics to let you wait less time, play videos more smooth and vivid. We can play games without limit to some degree. In addition, it adopts USB Type C port to support 3A quick charge. Therefore, it only takes less than 4 hours to charge from 0 to 100% power.


We also care about its battery life, the last model, Chuwi hibook just has 6600mAh battery, while Chuwi Hibook pro has made big improvement with 8000mAh battery. We can play games longer than before. Chuwi hibook pro still continues Dual OS, original 64bit Windows OS and Android5.1 OS .You can exchange the OS freely and it also has RAM 4GB , ROM 64GB. As for the official price, it starts to purchase at $200. Are you ready to catch one?


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