Chuwi UBook Pro Stylus HiPen H6 Got Firmware Update Driver Version 01.03.06


With the HiPen H6 stylus, Chuwi introduces a new digital stylus that should be different in many ways from its competitors. Thanks to its internal hardware, it delivers the most precise pressure sensitivity, a new ergonomic design and a real-time transmission of the data to give a very natural typing feel. We would like to tell you more about the digital pen of Chuwi. First, the Chuwi HiPen H6 stylus wants to stand out from the crowd with its design. While the pen itself is kept in simple, yet beautiful silver, the color becomes more colorful with the orange accent that Chuwi donated to the digital stylus on the top. The also silver practical clip is ideal for quickly attaching the pen to bags.

And now the stylus drivers got upgraded to the latest 01.03.06 version, bringing optimized performance and smoother experience in writing. The update process is pretty simple, but can’t hurt going through it, just in case.

  • Copy the file “Phoenix-hid-update” to the tablet, open the file, click twice “ConfigUpdate ” to run.(About 5 seconds)

  • Upgrade has completed when the running interface displays the version 01.03.60, close the running window to finish.

If you take a closer look at the material, it will not only be clear when reading the description but also when you touch it for the first time, that this is high-quality stainless steel. The HiPen H6 weighs a slim 16 grams – so he should not go too much on loads of the wrist even after prolonged writing and drawing on the tablet or notebook. The length of the stylus is 146 mm and the diameter of 9.5 mm – all in all, the pin looks so far very decent. With a total of 4069 pressure sensitivity levels, the HiPen H6 sets itself apart from the competition and allows its users to feel continuously stepless. The side effect is, of course, in addition to the flexibility in drawing the natural writing feeling.

The H6 is not only compatible with the UBook Pro but also with many Microsoft Surface Tablets and Notebooks. The battery life of the HiPen H6 is 90 days. Chuwi speaks of 180 days of standby time. The digital pen is charged with a micro USB cable, which is inserted at the end of the pen under a silicone flap – simple and fast, but unfortunately no USB-C. On the whole, the package of the H6 stylus really succeeded.

The Chuwi HiPen H6 is Compatible with the Microsoft Surface PC series. Not only for UBook Pro, but HiPen H6 is also compatible with the MPP scheme Microsoft Surface’s tablets and laptops. You can buy it from Chuwi official website HERE


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