Chuwi Ubook With Border-Less Backlit Keyboard: Next Goal on Kickstarter


Chuwi has already presented its new 2 in 1. It is the CHUWI UBook a renewed model, in which the brand makes it clear that they are one of the most popular in this segment. This device is already launched in the Kickstarter campaign, where you can take part. Although we already have the full specifications of it. So we know what we can expect.

One of the main changes that have been introduced are in the keyboard. The size of the keys and the spaces between them have been modified. So users will find it much more comfortable to be able to use it at all times.

This Chuwi Ubook also comes with changes in the material of the keyboard. So now they acquire a better design, as well as higher quality and comfort for the user. It will allow writing with total comfort thanks to it at all times. For the rest, the rest of the specifications that we find in this 2 in 1 brand do not disappoint at all.

Compared with the original keyboard, the biggest change is the narrow bezel, which brings the increase of keycap and key spacing that have been reported to increase by 15% and 20%, respectively. The key process is about 10% higher than that of the original one, more comfortable typing experience.

Since we are with an Intel Core M processor. In addition to having several versions of RAM and internal storage. Since it arrives with 8GB of RAM in all its versions, but it is possible to choose between storage of 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB. So each user can find the best one for their situation.

Those interested in this Chuwi UBook can participate in the campaign on Kickstarter, where it is possible to get it at a great discount. So they will have to pay less than when they launch into stores this year. You can participate here in the campaign.


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