Chuwi UBook X 2in1 Tablet with 12-inch 2K IPS Display Sells at $399 on The Official Website


Recently, Chuwi will release a new 2in1 Tablet named UBook X. The Chuwi UBook X not only keeps the excellent performance, portability, battery life, and classic U-shaped bracket but also changes the 16:9 aspect ratio to 3:2. And the screen is upgraded to 12 inch 2K IPS screen. UBook X sells at $399 on the official website. The keyboard as a gift if you buy the tablet from July 30 to August 8.

For all time, laptops and tablets are based on a 16: 9 aspect ratio. But after the launch of Microsoft Surface series products, the 3:2 redefines screen ratio. The reason why Microsoft so highly recommends this screen ratio is that 3:2 is actually close to the A4 standard paper ratio. You can carry it like a book. Using it in any scene looks not weird. Also, it is very useful for text applications such as taking notes, reading e-books, and processing documents. Besides that, you can have a more wonderful visual experience when watching movies or visiting websites with the 3:2 aspect ratio screen.

2K Resolution | 3:2 Aspect Ratio | 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity

Chuwi UBook X has a 12 inch 2K(2160*1440) IPS touch screen to show the most delicate display for the picture and text. The screen adopts a 3:2 aspect ratio designed as same as the Microsoft Surface series products. It has more vertical space and a more content display area. It is not necessary to frequently turn pages or slide the mouse wheel when processing documents, which is designed to improve office productivity and efficiency. And the screen supports touch and stylus as well. The highest level of pressure sensitivity can be 4096. It can bring you a smooth and precise experience when you note or draw.

Different Forms to The Fit Different Scene

Chuwi UBoox X is only 9mm thick and made up of lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy. One of the most outstanding design is the infinitely adjustable U-shaped bracket, which you can change different angles and forms according to the using scene.

Tablet form is convenient for visiting websites and entertainment. Then adjust the U-shaped bracket to stand on the deck for watching movies. You can even connect the magnetic keyboard to the notebook mode to enable efficient content input. UBook X can be used in any scene perfectly and carried to any place because of its thin and light body and the U-shaped bracket.

High-Speed Operation

The Chuwi UBook X features Intel N4100 processor, 4 cores 4 threads, turbo frequency 2.4GHz. It can easily cope with the daily office and entertainment needs. When showing efficient output performance as well as maintaining low power consumption and improving battery life. 8GB LPDDR4 dual-channel memory and 256GB SSD storage are suitable for daily use. With the base of Windows 10, the speed of multi-task background and software response is so fast to improve the efficiency greatly.

Chuwi UBook X is an awesome choice for whom often works in varieties scene. No matter what outdoor office, home entertainment or classroom learning can be used as efficiently as possible. And other features like 2K resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio, and high-speed SSD are also practical. UBook X is an excellent balanced product among 2in1 tablets. You can find more information about the UBook X on official website here.


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