Chuwi UBook X Tablet Review: Comes With 12inch IPS N4100 H6 stylus 8GB RAM+256GB SSD


The Chuwi UBook X Tablet does not just keep the fantastic exhibition, compactness, battery life, and great U-formed section yet, in addition, changes the 16:9 viewpoint proportion to 3:2. What’s more, the screen is moved up to 12 inch 2K IPS screen.

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Chuwi UBook X Tablet Chuwi UBook X Tablet


Forever, workstations and tablets depend on a 16: 9 viewpoint proportion. Be that as it may, after the dispatch of Microsoft Surface arrangement items, the 3:2 reclassifies screen proportion. The motivation behind why Microsoft so energetically suggests this screen proportion is that 3:2 is in reality near the A4 standard paper proportion. You can convey it like a book.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Utilizing Chuwi UBook X Tablet in any scene looks not strange. Likewise, it is extremely valuable for text applications, for example, taking notes, perusing digital books, and preparing records. Other than that, you can have an increasingly superb visual experience when watching motion pictures or visiting sites with the 3:2 viewpoint proportion screen.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Chuwi UBook X Tablet is just 9mm thick and comprised of lightweight aluminum-magnesium amalgam. One of the most remarkable structures is the unendingly flexible U-molded section, in which you can change various points and structures as per the utilizing scene.


Chuwi UBook X Tablet has a 12 inch 2K(2160*1440) IPS contact screen to show the most sensitive showcase for the image and text. The screen receives a 3:2 perspective proportion planned as same as the Microsoft Surface arrangement items. It has progressively vertical space and an increased content presentation territory. It isn’t important to every now and again turn pages or slide the mouse wheel when preparing reports, which is intended to improve office profitability and productivity. Also, the screen underpins contact and pointer too. The most elevated level of weight affectability can be 4096. It can present to you a smooth and exact experience when you note or draw.

Tablet structure is advantageous for visiting sites and diversion. At that point change the U-molded section to remain on the deck for watching motion pictures. You can even associate the attractive console to the journal mode to empower proficient substance input. UBook X can be utilizing in any scene consummately and conveyed to wherever as a result of its slim and light body and the U-molded section.


The Chuwi UBook X highlights Intel N4100 processor, 4 centers 4 strings, turbo recurrence 2.4GHz. It can without much of a stretch adapt to the day by day office and amusement needs. When demonstrating proficient yield execution just as keeping up low force utilization and improving battery life. 8GB LPDDR4 double channel memory and 256GB SSD stockpiling are appropriate for day by day use. With the base of Windows 10, the speed of performing multiple tasks foundation and programming reaction is so quick to improve productivity enormously.


Chuwi UBook X Tablet is a magnificent decision for whom frequently works in the assortments scene. Regardless of what open-air office, home diversion, or homeroom learning can be utilizing as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. What’s more, different highlights like 2K goal, 3:2 perspective proportion, and fast SSD are likewise down to earth. Buy this from Chuwi Store at $399


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