Cisdem Duplicate Finder For Mac Review – Delete Duplicate Photos in Minutes


Cisdem Duplicate Finder offers an accurate way to find and delete all duplicate files. With this tool, you can scan both computer drives and folders located on external devices, as well as Apple applications like iPhoto, iTunes, and Mail. Providing smart scanning algorithms, the program can find and remove duplicate files in batches, save hard drive space, and speed up your Mac to the most! Also, You can Find out the Top 7 best iTunes duplicate removers, free and not free, to help you get rid of duplicates in your iTunes library.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is Safe?

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is perfectly safe for Mac because it removes only what’s useless. You can manually review and select which file copies to delete. Original files stay safe while you enjoy more disk space for the files you really need. Therefore, it’s safe to say Cisdem Duplicate Finder is well-designed and does not contain any virus/malware; thus it’s 100% safe to use. From an app design perspective, the app is also safe to operate. After scanning a folder to find duplicate files, Cisdem Duplicate Finder removes the files to Trash upon your request. That means, if you realize you made a wrong action, you can always undo it by checking Mac Trash and pulling those files back.


When it comes to features, Cisdem Duplicate Finder has just enough to successfully detect duplicate files and let you delete them. While it doesn’t have multiple scan modes and advanced file management features, it does the job well and provides accurate results. It also supports photos and iTunes. The main benefit of this duplicate finder is that its scanning algorithm can compare files by content. That’s the only reliable algorithm for finding true duplicates and making sure that you don’t delete a file that’s not a duplicate.

The scan is pretty quick and the results are displayed with a nice preview area. What I particularly liked was that the whole path was clearly visible for each file. That makes it easy to decide which files to mark for deletion. Cisdem DuplicateFinder pre-selects duplicates and you can auto-select files in bulk. Unfortunately, there aren’t any bulk selection management options.

Key Features include:

Powerful Scanning Engine
  • Regardless of file names, it can quickly find the true duplicate files with Precise detection of duplicates via MD5 value check-sum algorithm
  • Easily remove duplicates from Apps including iTunes, Photos, and Mail
  • Fully support to scan and find duplicate files from Internal Mac hard drives and External storage
  • When scanning you can stop at any time and Duplicate Finder will show the instant result
  • Blacklist certain folders to ensure they are never scanned
  • Enable to exclude particular file types to scan
  • Show the creation time of duplicate files
  • Fully compatible with macOS Sierra
Multiple Filter and Removal
  • Clearly show duplicate files in both the pie chart and tab view
  • specify the filter depending on the duplicate size
  • Support One-click auto selection/deselection of all duplicates at ease
  • Support setting sorts for duplicate files by size, file, name or file count
  • Support full screen so you can locate and preview duplicate files in ease
  • Move duplicate to trash or erase them completely
  • Enable to remove files to the specified folder

Looks and Ease of Use

This Cisdem Duplicate Finder has a nice clean interface and drag & drop functionality. Using the app is a no-brainer. The only thing that took some time was registering my copy because there was no ‘Register’ button in the program window. It’s very simple to use this app. You can locate duplicate files in just a few clicks.

  • Just launch the Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac app
  • Add the folder or drive you to want to scan for duplicate files and then hang on and let the app scan the files
  • Once the scan is complete you will see the result sorted as all files, images, documents, archive, etc.. You will also get 2 tabs; Duplicate and Similar
  • Now you can keep those you like and delete other similar and duplicate files

Wasn’t it simple? This way you can delete all the duplicate and similar files you want and boost the storage of your Mac.

Preview images and reveal duplicates in the Finder

From each set of duplicate files, you can choose to select the ones you want to delete, or you can decide to hide certain items. Furthermore, you can reveal the selected file in your Finder and, if it is a supported image format, you also can preview the thumbnail directly from within Cisdem Duplicate Finder. Although Cisdem Duplicate Finder is easy to use and provides multiple sorting options, it does not provide its users with the possibility to automatically mark for deletion multiple duplicates based on various criteria, such as creation date or file size, audio quality and other related information.

You do get to select all the files and delete them at the same time, but if you have multiple duplicates for the same file and you need to decide which document you want to keep, you might find Cisdem Duplicate Finder to be useful if you have to deal with a small number of duplicate files since you have to go through the entire list and verify each selection. Bottom line, if you need to remove duplicate files from large folders with hundreds or thousands of files based on user-defined criteria, you might want to look for alternative solutions better suited to deal with the task.


Cisdem Duplicate Finder is an intuitive app that does the job well. While it could do with some more options, its accuracy and ease of use make it a great choice.


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