COLMI SKY1 Pro Review: Comes with 1.22inch Full Touch Screen Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor (50 pcs limited)


is an incredible open door for you to get a smartwatch at a truly moderate cost. It is a generally excellent Heart Rate COLMI SKY1 Pro 1.22inch Sports Smart Bracelet Monitor/Blood Pressure Measurement gadget with an enormous showcase, in contrast to other savvy armlets/observes.

COLMI SKY1 Pro Price: $29.99


COLMI SKY1 Pro is made of hardened steel and with a nonremovable elastic tie, and in spite of the fact that it isn’t submersible it is water and sweat safe, so we can utilize it in regular daily existence and on the off chance that we even need to wear it while we play sports. It has a load of just 90 grams, so we won’t see that we wear it. The entire gadget is IP68-evaluated, which shields it from water sprinkles and residue. With this current, it’s consequently sheltered from sweat and conceivable wearing it in the shower. It has a little touch touchy catch at the base of the showcase which empowers you to move between the different details the smartwatch is following. 1.22 inch Sports Smart Bracelet empowers you to change the movement condition of the heart logically and devour fat effectively. This gadget deals with your movement each minute and takes great consideration of all of your day long.


It has obviously GPS, pulse sensor and pedometer, just as Bluetooth 4.0, having the option to get and make calls, surf the web, interpersonal organizations, Whatsapp, and essentially everything we can do with a cell phone however on our wrist. Additionally sports, increasingly like, a government agent camera, adequate to take shots to the spots you reach in your everyday exercises. inch Sports Smart Bracelet serves to constant screen your pulse which reveals to you your pulse condition whenever. During oxygen consuming activity, your pulse can be checked to inspect if it’s beating ordinarily or not. It is of significance to take note of that, it’s smarter to get thinner and improve cardiorespiratory limit than something else.


COLMI SKY1 Pro On the off chance that you need to dispose of your cell phone or you need to provide for your folks a less entangled gadget, to check their circulatory strain and pulse. you can easily buy this from Banggood with $29.99

50 pcs limited, for the first batch at the lowest price now

COLMI SKY1 Pro Price: $29.99


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