Colorful iGame 1050Ti 4GB 128bit GDDR5 Video Graphics Card


Colourful has released its video graphics card based on the NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX iGame 1050i. The PC gaming experience we see and enjoy now was made possible by inventions like NVIDIA’s CUDA architectures. The results we see today are mammoth video processing power as the main CPU load is decreased. The Colouful’s iGame 1050i Graphics card is a hardcore performer as we ll below in detail.

The GPU by Colourful is based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX iGame 1050i and has a massive 4096MB of memory, its 128bit channel and og GDDR5 type which means its insanely fast, snappy and spacious. The GPU is duped in Red and Black accents with some iGame branding and logos. On the front we have two massive 90mm fans for heat dissipation. On the backside we have an all black finish with triangular shapes merging towards center of red colour. On the side we have the connectivity ports mainly DVI, HDMI and DP port. Also it has a turbo dedicated button.

Specifications :

Core structure: GP107
Core technology: 14nm
NVIDIA CUDA cores: 768
Base/OC clock (MHz): 1290/1379
Boost/OC clock (MHz): 1392/1492
Memory/OC clock (MHz): 7000MHZ

Memory Spec:
Memory speed: 7 Gbps
Standard memory config: 4GB GDDR5X
Memory interface width: 128-bit
Memory bandwidth (GB/sec): 112

Technology Support:
Simultaneous multi-projection: Yes
VR Ready: NO
NVIDIA Ansel: Yes
NVIDIA G-Sync-Ready: Yes
NVIDIA game stream-ready: Yes
NVIDIA GPU boost: 3.0
Microsoft DirectX: 12 API with feature level 12_1
Vulkan API: Yes
OpenGL: 4.5
Bus Support: PCIe 3.0
OS Certificates: for Windows 7-10/Linux/FreeBSD*86

Display Support:
Maximum digital resolution: 7680*4320@60Hz
Standard display connectors: DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, Dual link-DVI
Multi monitor: Yes
HDCP: 2.2

Thermal and Power Specs:
Maximum GPU temperature (in C)97
Graphics card power (W): 75W
Recommended system power(W): 300W
Supplementary power connectors: None
Power connector: 6pin
Item size: 24.6 * 12.4 * 4.2cm

The Colorful iGame 1050Ti  Video Graphics Card offers extreme bandwidth of 4GB/s with its GDDR5 design,  unmatchable resolution with dual display ports, and lightning fast performance, we tested Overwatch on it and got a 70fps on Turbo mode i.e boosted clock and 67fps on base clock which is quite fantastic. You can purchase this GPU from here for $212.5.


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