ColorOS 13 Customized Based on Android 13: Improving Work Efficiency


OPPO ColorOS 13 operating system will be officially launched in Q3 this year, and the new version of the operating system will further strengthen multi-terminal interconnection.

Previously, on ColorOS 12, OPPO launched a terminal interconnection solution, which is a system-level mutual integration solution. After the mobile phone and the computer are connected through cross-screen interconnection, the computer automatically generates a “mobile phone clone”, and the user only needs to use the mouse. Drag and drop to control your phone to quickly share files and data between devices.

In a short period, users can quickly and efficiently back up mobile phone photos or large files to the computer, or directly open the files on the computer for editing and saving, which is very helpful for improving daily work efficiency.

Files can be edited across screens, and data can also be exchanged across screens: clipboard sharing, notification sharing, input method sharing, photo sharing, etc. The overall performance is excellent.

There is no doubt that ColorOS 13 will further strengthen ecological interconnection, enhance the linkage between smart TVs, mobile phones, smartwatches, tablet computers, and other devices, and realize cross-screen collaboration between multiple devices.

In addition, ColorOS 13 will be equipped with an AI self-smoothing engine and a quantum animation engine. Among them, the AI ​​self-smoothing engine can intelligently identify hot and cold data, directional sorting and compressing, and scene-based cleaning to realize the separation of hot and cold data, solve the problem of fragmentation of storage, and make the mobile phone smoother with more use. The quantum animation engine adjusts more than 300 animation details to make every slide more real and smooth, in line with intuition.

The previous generation of ColorOS 12 passed the Thiel 36-month system anti-aging evaluation. This generation of ColorOS 13 will continue the smooth and non-stutter characteristics of ColorOS 12, and at the same time, it will be deeply customized based on the latest underlying Android 13, which is worth looking forward to.

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