Coming this summer, a new trailer for the game Ruins 2 shows off a new Handler class


Game developer/publisher Gearbox released a new trailer for Remnant 2 today, showing off its newest class, Handler. Gearbox also confirmed that the game will be available this summer, though no date has been announced yet.

The biggest highlight of Handler career is to carry a dog with you. The IT House has the following three modes:

Attack Dog: Used for DPS (units with high damage output)

Guard Dog: Used to attack enemies

Support Dog: Provides effective healing areas for handlers and Allies.

More importantly, the Handler class has a Prime Perk, which can revive Handler and other Allies if you have Dragon Heart.

“The scarf changes color each time the dog switches between mode options to reflect the role he is currently playing,” said lead designer Ben Cureton.

The Archetype system in Vestiges 2 was greatly expanded. Each Archetype comes with its signature armor suit, three unique weapons, and unique traits.
Relic 2 Player characters can equip five different types of Perk: Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic. Team Perk affects all Allies, receiving bonuses such as more ammo drops, increased defense, and shared healing.


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