Commlite AEF-MFT Booster Auto Focus AF Lens Mount Adapter Review: Top Grade product(Coupon Included)


Commlite electronic lens mount adapter AEF-MFT Booster can change the EF Mount lens over the M4/3 Mount cameras, and meanwhile can achieve functions as USB Firmware Upgrading; 0.71x Focal Reducer Booster; EXIF Info. Transmitting; Support Auto Focus Function; Electronic Aperture Control; Built-in IS Stabilization Function; Gold-plated Contact Pins, which satisfy all the photography or video users who need this super combination. Before usage of the adapter, please ensure the adapter is compatible with your camera and lens.


The Commlite AEF-MFT Booster Auto Focus AF Lens Mount Adapter is made from Aluminum alloy made, CNC processing; with 1/4 screw hole at the bottom.  It comes in an amazing black color with a weight of 126g with a Camera-mount Outer Diameter: 40mm and Lens-mount Outer Diameter of 65mm.


It has a 0.71X focal reducer booster, can increase one gear of aperture and the light through the lens, as well as reduce focal length. It also Support auto focus function, electronic aperture control, EXIF info.transmitting, and built-in IS stabilization function. It comes with a with USB port for adapter firmware upgrading and a Gold-plated contact pins for great conductivity. Note, This adapter built-in with optical correction group, when using the adapter, the focus of the lens should be multiplied by 0.71, then multiplied by 1.5 (the focus multiplier), is the lens’ actually equivalent focus. For example, the 50mm focal length is mounted on APS-C camera:

The Commlite AEF-MFT Booster Auto Focus AF Lens Mount Adapter is currently available on TOMTOP for just $149.99 using the coupon code: HY30XJJT

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