Conbrov HD 1080P Spy Pen with Night Vision Review- How to become a Spy easily (w/ real images and video)


I guess we all have seen James Bond movies and secretly we all might want to become one. Of course, James Bond is just a movie hero, but this doesn’t mean you can not have some of his famous gadgets. Surfing around the internet, I found one of his gadgets and got it for me. I found the Conbrov HD 1080P Spy Pen with Night Vision, a normally looking pen, with a spy feature of a HD 1080p camera!

The Conbrov HD 1080P Spy Pen with Night Vision came to me with post, without any problem. Inside the protective bag of the post office, I found a black box, with the image of the spy pen on top and a lot a lot of information about it!

As you can see, it mentions that the box I was holding, has the World’s first Starlight Night Vision Pen Camera. You can also read the complete specs of the camera, what features has and so on.

Opening the box, inside you will find the Conbrov T21 Spy Camera Pen of course, a USB Cable, a Card Reader for the external card that you must place in, a User Manual and a Pin for reset.

The Conbrov T21 Spy Camera Pen has the ability to record up to 5 meter away in detail everything, for about 1.5 hours with the night vision or 3 hours during the day time. In order to be able to do this, it features a built-in 400mAh battery, which you can recharge it with the USB cable that comes with. The camera starts recording by long pressing the top button of the pen. The only thing that you will see, is a tiny blue light that comes from the back, indicating that the camera is on.

The camera is invisible and almost impossible to understand its existence. In order to record whatever you want, you will need a Micro Sd card up to 32GB, which must formatted in FAT32 in order to save the video file. The video files created in the SD card are in AVI, as you can see in the picture below.

Also don’t forget that this might be a spy pen, but still is a pen that works as a pen, so no one will ever understand that you carry a spy pen with you!

Check below my detailed video review. In the video, except form the presentation of the spy pen, you will find two video footage of the spy pen, one inside a dark room, automatically activating night vision and one outside, in a rainy day.

The Conbrov HD 1080P Spy Pen with Night Vision is the ideal gadget for you to become a spy. Record everything around you, easily and with safety, without the others to understand anything! You can find the Condrov Spy Pen for just 59.90$! Right now you can enjoy 20% off coupon code: conbrov20off to get it at lower price.


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