Concept About Xiaomi’s New Flagship With Snapdraon 855, 5G and Dual Front Pop-Up Camera


Since the release of the Xiaomi MIX series which is a high-end flagship has been favored by consumers. Not only has it made breakthroughs in the appearance of mobile phones, but it has also led the mobile phone industry into the era of full-screen. Therefore, every time the Xiaomi flagship comes out, consumers will carefully observe the design and performance, but at the same time, because of the emergence of the MIX series, consumers will have higher expectations for Xiaomi, but Xiaomi cannot guarantee that every item will be satisfactory.

For example, Xiaomi Mi 8, mainly designed with Notch, was rumored by the netizens as “pirated iPhone X”. Although the bangs are almost big, the chin is much wider and the front face value is lower. Mi MIX 3, which was listed in the second half of last year, although there is no Notch and a big chin, the rear-mounted fingerprint has been squandered by netizens. Many Mi fans are disappointing under Lei Jun Weibo, saying that “Xiaomi is no longer the previous.”

However, recently, a concept of Xiaomi Smartphone has been exposed, and its appearance and performance are both versatile. At the same time, if this phone enters mass production, it is believed to be regained by consumers. From the concept map of online unveiled, the front of this handset is almost all screens, the borders on both sides are narrow, even the chin is gone, the screen ratio is infinitely close to 100%.

The reason why there is no component on the front is that this phone uses the same camera design as the Vivo NEX, with 20MP + 8MP front dual camera, the specific function is unknown. In terms of thickness, this phone is not much different from the previous flagship. Obviously, the position of the front and rear cameras are not at the same level, so the body will be relatively slim.

Sure enough, as can be seen from the concept view on the back of the fuselage, this phone feature a triple camera on the back which is placed on the right side of the fuselage, just to open with the front, to ensure the normal body thickness. In addition, the triple rear camera lenses should use 48MP + 20MP + 8MP, the sensor is likely to use IMX586, and there is no rear fingerprint scanner on the back of the fuselage, then this phone is also equipped with under-screen fingerprint recognition.

In addition, this flagship phone is likely to carry the Snapdragon 855 processor and support 5G network, battery capacity may be around 4000mAh with fast charge support and wireless charging, battery life is further enhanced. Overall, the appearance of this phone is very amazing, but there may be users who spit out the pop-up dual camera is imitating Vivo NEX, Xiaomi still has no innovation, what do you think about this concept Smartphone?

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