Contact Transfer review: The easiest way to transfer contacts to your new iPhone or Android



Getting a new phone is an exciting time for anyone. With so much choice of both iPhones and Android devices at the moment, you may also be wondering if you’ll be able to transfer important data such as contacts from your old phone to your new one. This can be tricky, and different processes are needed depending whether you are switching between Android and Android, iPhone and iPhone or between the two platforms.

In this guide, we’ll remove all the hassle for you and show you how to easily transfer your contacts between Android, iPhone and even your PC – all with the help of the Contact Transfer app.

Contact Transfer App

Safe and simple to use, Contact Transfer allows you to copy contacts seamlessly between your devices, via your computer. The app runs on Windows PCs and supports iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, Android devices like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.  All transfers are done locally on your computer, so you will not need to worry about uploading your data online.

How it works: Basically, the idea is that you select a source device (the one with your contacts on it), and a destination device (the on that you want to transfer contacts to). Connect them to your computer, choose which contacts you want to transfer and done!

Read on for a deep dive of this app…

Design & Appearance

You can really tell that this app was designed with the user in mind. Right from launching it, you are greeted by a smart, modern clean-looking interface.

The 4-step process is super easy to follow, so even if you’re not great with technology, you’ll be able to use this software without any issues.

  1. Select the source and destination of the contacts to transfer (e.g. Android to iPhone).
  2. Connect each of the device to your computer.
  3. Select the contacts you wish to copy.
  4. Click Transfer!

It really is that easy to use! We also like the subtle animations of contacts copying from one phone to another, and the background colours changing subject to whether you are using Android or iPhone – that makes for a nice touch.

Here is Contact Transfer in action copying your contacts…

How to connect your phones to Contact Transfer

First, choose the devices you want to transfer contacts from and to. Then hit Continue.

Connecting your devices is straightforward, and the app tells you what you need to do. You’ll see that the connection steps are different depending on if you’re connecting an iPhone or Android. Let’s break it down:

iPhone – To connect an iPhone with a PC, you’ll first need to make sure that you have iTunes installed on the PC. iTunes contains required files provided by Apple which allow you to make the connection between iPhone and PC.

With iTunes installed, you can simply hook up the iPhone and the PC with a USB cable to establish a connection.

Android – Connecting an Android device will use a Wi-Fi connection, rather than a physical USB cable connection. So, make sure that both your PC and Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network so they can talk to each other.

To connect your Android phone, you’ll need to install the free Contact Transfer Android app from the Google Play Store.

Once installed, open the app on your phone and tap “Scan Contact Transfer QR Code”. This will open the camera on your phone, which you can use to scan the QR code (the green pattern in a square) shown in Contact Transfer on your PC. When you have scanned the code, a connection will be made!

Transferring Contacts

Now that you have connected your desired devices, you can look through your contacts and choose what you want to transfer.

You can see all the contacts stored locally on your Source device on the left, and on the Destination device on the right. Note that contacts stored in cloud services like iCloud or Gmail will need to be downloaded to the device’s local storage in order to be found by Contact Transfer.

Click the ‘All’ checkbox to select all contacts from the Source device, or manually select individual contacts from the list if you do not wish to transfer them all.

You can view a contact’s information by clicking the ‘i’ icon to the right of a contact’s name.

Once you have made your selection, simply click the “Transfer” button to initiate the transfer!

Managing Contacts

Despite the name, Contact Transfer is not a one-trick-pony. The app also comes with a full suite of contact managing tools which allow you to create, edit and delete contacts from your devices, right from your PC!

To access these tools, click the pencil icon in the toolbar to the left, and connect the device you want to manage.

Here, you can create new contacts and save them to your connected device, edit your existing contacts (you can modify fields like Name, Telephone Number, Email, Address…), or delete contacts. Deleting multiple contacts from a mobile device can be tricky. On many devices, you have to go into each individual contact to delete them, but it’s as easy as select and delete with Contact Transfer.

Free Trial

First, it is worth pointing out that you can try Contact Transfer free of charge. To do this, you can simply download the free trial and take it for a spin. With the trial version, you can transfer up to 5 contacts.
If you like what you see, you can purchase the full version for $15. The full version allows you to copy an unlimited number of contacts between Android, iPhone and PC. It also unlocks the management tools, so you can create, edit and delete contacts at your leisure.

Purchasing a licence is a one-time purchase, so you don’t have to worry about monthly or yearly subscription charges! Purchases are also covered by a 30-day refund guarantee.

Free technical support

A final point which we’d like to mention is customer support. You can’t put a price on great customer support, but this fantastic and friendly advice is provided free of charge, so you are well looked after if you have any queries.


All in all, Contact Transfer is a truly impressive piece of software. It offers all the tools that you could possibly need in a contact management app, and it does it well.

So if you are switching to a new phone, or want to back up your contacts to your PC for safekeeping, why not download the free trial and give Contact Transfer a try?


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