Cop Rose Cleaning Robot & Cop Rose Household Cleaning Robot Review (Coupon Included)


Have you left your windows few days, thus being covered with dust? Have you always cleaned by yourself, especially for the high and big windows,or many windows? These will be a hard work for you. Now our smart window cleaning robot can help you clean the windows automatically. You just do your own things and let it clean window itself. When it finishes cleaning one window within few minutes, move it to another window. It can clean many kinds of surfaces, such as wall, floor, glass, tile, etc. It cost you less than having your windows professionally cleaned one time.

This intelligent Cop Rose Cleaning Robot & Cop Rose Household Cleaning Robot, has several tools to control your work and make it more efficient, as usual is equipped with a remote control from which we can modify its functions, change the type of cleaning, guide it towards a Side or other, these same options can be made through the mobile after having installed the application of the robot, to download it is only necessary to scan the QR code that we will find in the device, or download the Glassbot application in Google Play.


The Cop Rose robot has dimensions of 29 x 14.2 x 11.5 centimeters, is equipped with sensors that automatically detect the window frames, in this way will not try to cover beyond the surface of the glass and will avoid that when trying Cleaning the frame can detach itself from the glass and cause it to fall, for which it is also equipped with an anti-fall control; It is an electric UPS system that will allow you to once the electricity is depleted it is fixed for a few minutes so you can safely remove it and do not fall by its own weight.


The Cop Rose has three cleaning functions; it moves through the area to be cleaned by means of zig-zag movements that ensure that you do not leave a piece uncleaned, you can do it up or side to side either to the left or towards the right. The robot comes equipped with a safety rope, this rope is to tie it when we put to clean the exterior area of ??the windows especially if we live at high altitude, because it will prevent that if the robot takes off at some point the window can fall to Vacuum, we will have it fixed firmly by means of a carabiner in moored to a safe zone. Next to the robot in addition to the safety rope, we will receive 12 cleaning cloths, 4 cleaning rings, an extension cord to extend the cable when plugged into the power,

The Cop Rose cleaning system through its vacuum absorption system , is capable of cleaning windows, glass, double glass doors, but will also be a good complement to clean the bathroom partition, as well as bathroom and kitchen tiles , And even smooth walls that do not have any type of coating, and even parquet floors. You can use the robot both connected to the current and through the battery that has built-in, this battery gives you a 30-minute autonomy with each full recharge.

You can replace the cleaning cloth whenever you consider necessary, to wash them, these cloths have a very strong absorption so they are able to easily absorb even the oil, in addition to dust, dirt and water, each cloth is made in Natural fiber and you can use it more than 180 times so they have a long life.


Cleaning windows by hand can be tough and risky. The Cop Rose Cleaning Robot & Cop Rose Household Cleaning Robot Window Cleaner is here to solve the problem with a risk-free solution to clean the windows of tall buildings. It follows an intelligent cleaning route with triple cleaning properties. There are three simple steps you need to follow – Just plug it in, tie up the safety rope and start the cleaner. Apart from cleaning the window, the cleaner is capable of sweeping floors, wall or tables. The remote controller is powered by 1 x button battery that is easy to use. The design is pretty lightweight and highly portable that makes the cleaner a perfect accessory you can take from one place to another. Cleaning your windows will not be a difficult task anymore.  You can Buy Both from CAFAGO Cop Rose Cleaning Robot at $134.92 Use this Coupon Code: H18245USBT Cop Rose Household Cleaning Robot at $169.9 Use this coupon code: H18246UKKS it can be used before 15 may


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