Copilot, Microsoft’s AI Programming Tool, Gets an Upgrade


Recently, ChatGPT launched by OpenAI refreshed many people’s understanding of artificial intelligence and realized that “the future is already here”.

In fact, ChatGPT is not the only amazing product in OpenAI. It was launched in 2021 and will be commercially available in 2022, including Copilot, an AI programming tool that makes computers write code automatically.

Now, Microsoft and OpenAI are updating Copilot to allow it to generate higher-quality code and provide code recommendations for common vulnerabilities.

The update will target Copilot’s underlying Codex model, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of code recommendations and a significant reduction in the time it takes to deliver recommendations.

Copilot also reduces the difficulty and time cost of debugging by automatically identifying common vulnerabilities, such as hard-coded credentials, SQL injection, and path injection, and providing unsafe code suggestions for common vulnerabilities.

Copilot can even automatically write a usable block of code for simple, straightforward loops or other repetitive code.

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Copilot’s AI is so good that it has attracted 1.2 million developers in its early testing phase, and nearly 40% of the code in the files used to enable it is written by Copilot.


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