Creality 3D Halot-SKY Review – Resin 3D Printer at $914 From Banggood (Coupon)


the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality presented several 3D printers and 3D printing products. The novelties also include the Creality 3D Halot-SKY Resin 3D Printer; which, compared to many other models of this type, has a particularly high level of printing accuracy (precision). The resin 3D printer also has a build volume of 192 x 120 x 220 mm, can be remotely controlled with the Creality Cloud APP (Smart Feature), and has some other interesting functions that we present here exclusively in the 3D-limitless magazine.


The new Creality 3D Halot-SKY Resin 3D Printer comes with a 4K (3840×2400) monochrome LCD mask; with a lifespan of up to two thousand hours in normal use. The size of the construction area reaches 192x120x200 mm with a pixel size of 50 microns. The use of a monochrome matrix with increased light transmittance allows achieving higher performance: it takes from one to four seconds to illuminate the layer. The illumination is provided by a new LED module of its own design, the aluminum platform moves along two linear guides. The Creality3D Halot Sky embeds a brand new version of the operating system, even simpler and more intuitive. And for even more comfort, it is displayed in high definition on a 5-inch screen in portrait format. Creality has translated the menus into twelve different languages ​​to suit as many people as possible.

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The Creality 3D Halot-SKY Resin 3D Printer has a self-developed slicing software that is uncomplicated according to the manufacturer. The control via the Creality APP allows immediate monitoring of the print status and the implementation of remote printing. A reflection integral structure can use through a new generation of light source technology; with which a precise optical layout is achieved. Cure models become more accurate and gloss and accuracy are vastly improved.

The high-resolution 4K monochrome screen offers a lifespan of up to 2,000 hours. The curing time is reduced to 1 to 4 seconds; by increasing the printing speed in one layer. The Z-axis has double linear guide rails and a double ball and screw configuration. The widened and thickened column profile ensures a stabilized machine body. The Creality 3D Halot-SKY works precisely in the micrometer range to avoid layering effects and improve printing performance. To prepare digital models for 3D printing, Creality offers the Creality Box slicer, which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Workflow can remotely control and monitored using the Creality APP. The company promises convenience and ease of use, regardless of the level of user training.


Creality 3D Halot-SKY Resin 3D Printer should be considered as the first in a line of new generation photopolymer 3D printers aimed at the amateur and professional segments of the additive market. Applications include dentistry, jewelry; industrial design, and other areas where the high-resolution 3D printing inherent in stereolithography additive systems plays a key role. We can buy it from Banggooda at $914.00 by using Coupon Code: BGHALOS01 in Flash Sale.


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