Creality CR-200B Review – Desktop 3D Printer at €219.99 From TOMTOP


An exquisite 3D printer is always of high performance. Not only does the Creality CR-200B 3D printer have the best features, but it also has a really smart, elegant design. Creality CR-200B allows you to print models in different sizes with its advanced printing features. It is designed to get your 3D prints at full performance with its large printing area and fast printing features.

The Creality CR-200B comes with a filament sensor and a resume print function. If the filament accidentally runs out or an unexpected power failure occurs, you can easily and conveniently resume printing. This saves you valuable material and time. The large color touchscreen comes with a new user interface. Thanks to the fast response time, the operation is very easy and practical. This glass plate is a popular upgrade for a 3D printer because of its very good adhesion and fast heating-up speed. The smooth first layer also increases the aesthetics of your finished models.

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With the Creality CR-200B, you no longer have to buy this upgrade because the 3D printer already includes it as standard. With a hotend temperature of up to 260 ° C, a heating bed up to 100 ° C, and the enclosed build space, which ensures constant temperatures in the printing chamber, you can process a variety of materials. The printer comes with a newly developed hotend, which has excellent thermal conductivity and very good wear resistance for a stable and even filament flow. In addition, the dual fans on the hotend ensure excellent heat dissipation.

Creality CR-200B comes with a 200x200x200mm printing size, with industrial and high-temperature resistant components, and a high-quality printer comes with outstanding performance. Full assembled printer, easy to use, and save time. A fully enclosed chamber structure, in the same machine size range, has a larger printing space. With a standard cover, it can print more high-temperature filaments. High-performance extruder kit with excellent thermal conductivity features wears resistance and stability, smoothly filament pushing. The dual fan provides a great heat dissipation environment. Support the function of filament detection and resume printing, which can avoid the interruption of model printing and the waste of filament; and improve the success rate of model printing.

The Creality CR-200B is a 3D printer with a completely enclosed build space from Creality for beginners. The closed installation space based on the classic Creality design ensures greater stability and reduces external influences. This allows you to process many materials more easily and precisely. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €219.99 (Inclusive of VAT) with Free shipping from Germany.


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