Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Review – Buy Premium Portable 3D Scanner at €440.64 From CAFAGO with Coupon


3D scanning has revolutionized the way we approach design, prototyping, and production. With the introduction of portable 3D scanners, the process has become even more accessible and convenient. The Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner is one such device that has taken the market by storm. This advanced 3D scanner is designed to cater to the needs of designers, engineers, and artists who demand high-precision scanning capabilities coupled with portability. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner, and highlight why it has become a popular choice among 3D scanning enthusiasts. Additionally, we will provide information on where you can purchase this device at the lowest price with free shipping – from CAFAGO.


The Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium is an advanced 3D scanning kit that enables effortless object scanning comparable to taking a video. The package comprises a tripod and turntable and offers three scanning modes to cater to various object sizes and scanning needs. An outstanding attribute of this kit is that it eliminates the need for markers in any mode, including more extensive parts like engine hoods, car doors, front and rear bumpers, and the like. The scanning modes are customizable to accommodate diverse scanning scenarios and provide users with the option of mode switching to identify the most fitting one for their specific circumstance.

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The Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium is a state-of-the-art 3D scanner that excels in capturing intricate details of small parts and prototypes that are otherwise difficult to scan. It employs a high-precision calibration method that achieves professional-grade accuracy of up to 0.05mm, courtesy of its binoculars. Unlike other scanners, it doesn’t require markers, making scanning a breeze.

Moreover, the CR Studio software comes with 3D complete automation algorithms that allow model optimization with just one click. Additionally, it has a robust adaptability to varying environments, thanks to its multi-spectral optical technology. With three scanning modes to choose from, the scanner can scan objects of different sizes and is compatible with a portable charger for enhanced flexibility.

Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Software

Furthermore, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium boasts several powerful features, such as the ability to upload 3D models and complete the printing process with a single click. Users can share their designs on the Creality Cloud platform, and the automation software maps colors to models with one click, streamlining the color restoration process. All these features combine to deliver an effortless and seamless 3D scanning experience.


In summary, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner is a revolutionary device in the realm of 3D scanning. Its compact structure, diverse scanning modes, and advanced multi-spectral optical technology make it an ideal option for enthusiasts, artists, and experts alike. The scanner’s accuracy and precision, complemented by the user-friendly CR Studio software, enables effortless creation of intricate 3D models. Altogether, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner is a prerequisite for anyone seeking to optimize their 3D scanning workflow and elevate their creations. You can purchase it from CAFAGO at a price of €440.64 (inclusive of VAT) by utilizing the coupon code ED63722 and enjoy free shipping from Germany.


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