Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Review – Premium Portable 3D Scanner at €440.64 From TOMTOP with Coupon


The world of 3D printing has revolutionized the way we create and manufacture objects, and 3D scanning is an important part of the process. Creality, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and accessories, has recently introduced its latest addition to the market, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner. This powerful and versatile device allows users to scan and create 3D models of real-world objects with incredible precision and speed. With its portable design and intuitive software, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner is perfect for hobbyists, artists, and professionals looking to streamline their 3D scanning workflow.


The Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium is an intelligent 3D scanning kit; that makes scanning objects as easy as taking a video. The kit comes with a tripod and turntable and supports three scanning modes; each designed to scan objects of different sizes and meet various scanning circumstances and requirements. One of the most impressive features of this kit is that there’s no need to stick markers for any mode; even for big parts like the engine hood, car door, front or rear bumpers, and so on. The different scanning modes are designed to offer users the choice of mode switch and find out the most suitable one under various circumstances.

With the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium, you can scan objects ranging from 15mm to 1500mm with support for three scanning modes: turntable scanning, handheld scanning, and handheld plus turntable scanning. The machine’s multi-spectral optical technology ensures; that the CR-Scan Lizard maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight and supports scanning black objects as well; vastly improving environmental adaptability. The Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium has a single capture range of 200100mm and a working distance of 150-400mm. With a minimum scanning size of 1515*15mm and a weight of 370g, the kit is portable and easy to use.

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Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Features

The Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium is a highly accurate 3D scanner designed to scan small parts and prototypes with intricate details that are hard to reach. It features binoculars that enable it to achieve professional-grade accuracy of up to 0.05mm, thanks to its precision calibration method. The scanner is free of markers, making 3D scanning effortless and quick. The CR Studio software has an integration of 3D complete automation algorithms; that allow for model optimization with just one click.

Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Software

The scanner has strong adaptability to different environments, thanks to its multi-spectral optical technology. It features three scanning modes that are optional and can scan objects of different sizes; and it is compatible with a portable charger for flexible charging. The CR-SCAN Lizard Premium is equipped with powerful features; that enable it to upload 3D models and complete the printing process with one click. Users can share their designs on the Creality Cloud platform, and the automation software can automatically map colors to models with one click for a seamless color restoration process.


In conclusion, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner is a game-changer in the world of 3D scanning. With its portable design, three scanning modes, and multi-spectral optical technology; this scanner is perfect for hobbyists, artists, and professionals alike. Its precision and accuracy, combined with the user-friendly CR Studio software; make it easy to create intricate 3D models with ease. Overall, the Creality CR-SCAN Lizard Premium Portable 3D Scanner is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their 3D scanning workflow and take their creations to the next level. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €440.64 (Inclusive of VAT) with Coupon code: TF6372 and free shipping from Germany.


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