Creality CR6-SE 3D Printer Upgraded High Precision in 271.15euro @Cafago Sale (Free Shipping)


The Creality CR6-SE 3D printer is the primary printer that Creality has financed through crowdfunding. As the most recent form item, CR-6 SE truly accomplishes quiet printing inferable from its quiet Trinamic regulator with ATmega-2560 chipset, and quiet cooling fans.

Creality CR6-SE 3D printer


The Creality CR6-SE comes gathered. Plug everything in and you’re all set! With a 4.3-inch full-shading touchscreen and an overhauled UI that organizes convenience, the CR-6 SE is an ideal decision for amateurs. Intended to be a workhorse 3D printer for the individuals who characterize innovativeness, Creality CR-6 SE brags a print volume 235x235x250mm, it is equipped for printing with different sorts of fiber including PLA, TPU, PETG, wood, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Creality CR6-SE 3D printer

More, Highlighting an imaginative auto-leveling gadget, CR-6 SE accomplishes a more precise bed. More, It’s leveling through strain measure than BL-Touch and other actual sensors, which is useful for enormously improving bed grip and print quality. Like a truly simple to utilize 3D printer, CR-6 SE is of modularized configuration coming in 5 distinct parts, which just requires 5 mins to complete get together. Also, The most difficult free 3D printing is beginning an issue free CR-6 SE directly out of the case!

Creality CR6-SE 3D printer


The Creality CR6-SE 3D printer incorporates a modularized spout for empowering ease in spout support and dabbling, which permits clients to supplant and substitute segments effortlessly. More, The warmth sink, heat block, PTFE cylinder, and hot end are altogether deconstructable. A bunch of incredible cooling fans empowers better power over fiber expulsion and withdrawal. Also, The hot end additionally houses a fiber runout sensor to stop prints when required. Highlighting a creative without leveling gadget which is the plan; with a brilliant compel sensor to really accomplish bother free and shrewdly programmed stage leveling; enormously improving bed attachment and print quality.

CR-6 SE is processing plant pre-leveled, making the printing a lot simpler. Also, Creality CR6-SE 3D printer outfitted with MeanWell power supply, created by the recorded organization with developing innovation; addressing all the requirements of quick warming and long-term printing. Besides, the force supply is covered in the machine. Also, making it a lot more secure and neater. A quiet chipset is adding to the CR-6 SE. It has the most recent dynamic driver 2208 assists with guaranteeing that voltage control. The quick development.

Creality CR6-SE 3D printer


In contrast with an Ender 3, Creality CR6-SE 3D printer comes practically gathered. You just need to go through 5 minutes to connect the gantry with four screws, the screen, fiber spool holder; convenient handle, and module a few wires. Buy now from Cafago at 271.15euro. To get the price use the  Coupon code: COS3393

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