CryptoMatex review: one of the most powerful trading platforms


If you want to trade online, the first thing you need to do after you get theoretical knowledge is to open your account with one of the many brokerage companies. We can write a lot about the importance of the correct choice of a broker. But this article isn’t about it so we will only say that it is necessary to be extremely responsible in the search. Focus on criteria such as length of time in the market, reputation, trading instruments, as well as deposit and withdrawal of funds, and you will surely find exactly what you need. CryptoMatex is one of the most powerful trading platforms today.

Variety of trading instruments

The clients of a CryptoMatex are not limited to one trading instrument. Therefore, with the help of the broker, you can form flexible investment portfolios from several asset classes: cryptocurrencies, metals and commodities, indices, currency pairs, stocks, and derivatives such as ETFs and CFDs. For example, a user can deposit Bitcoin, buy Apple shares with it, while selling an index or another asset from the same account. When the crypto market falls, the client can sell the cryptocurrency and open positions in traditional assets. In this case, you can make a profit in the same assets that were deposited.

Same with a majority of modern brokers, CryptoMatex offers you different types of accounts. They all differ in both technical and financial characteristics. More advanced accounts offer some extra tools and services. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to this detail when you want to start trading with CryptoMatex.

What accounts to choose from?

The simplest account, which we strongly recommend to open in the first place to all new traders. A demo account implies trading with virtual money, which will not bring profit but will also reduce all risks to zero. There are four account types offered by CryptoMatex:

Option 1: Basic

Such accounts are provided for those novice traders who cannot afford to immediately invest a large amount of money in trading.

– Good option for starters

– start to invest with €250 up to €4,999

– leverage is 1:50

– customer support 24/5

– 10% no-interest loan.

Option 2: Silver

– For traders with minor trading experience

– minimum investment €5,000

– maximum investment €24,999

– The leverage 1:100

– 20% no-interest loan.

Option 3: Gold

– For experienced traders

– minimum deposit of €25,000

– maximum investment €100,000

– 30% no-interest loan

– 1:200 leverage

And some extra options available :

– daily market reviews

– free webinars every month

– VIP customer support and mentorship

– direct line to account executive

– trading alerts

– event analysis

– one-on-one educational course.

Option 4: Platinum

– For real PROs in trading

– minimum deposit of €100,000

– no maximum investment

– no-interest loan up to 40%

– leverage 1:400

You will get an opportunity to use all advantages of the Gold account and some more:

– free trading signals

– money management plan

– event trading.

Bottom line

At the start of an investor’s career, you do not know how much you will want to invest later. It can be difficult to determine all the needs and find the optimal account type. Do not look for a broker with the lowest commissions, it is better to focus on a reliable one, and the account type can be changed if it does not fit.


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