CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone GPS 5G Wifi 4K RC Drone 2-axis Gimbal in 114.74EURO @Cafago Flash Sale


CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone is a foldable and brushless RC quadcopter that acquires a switchable optical stream double camera and 2-hub mechanical self – settling head, and long flight time as long as 25 minutes and multiple times zooming camera. The ultra HD 4K ethereal photo and long flight time permit you to take more excellent pictures and recordings and experience a superior airborne photo measure.

CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone


Foldable and adaptable ABS aerofoil and fuselage can make the CSJ X7 PRO  convenient and palm-sized. Regardless of whether you are going out or voyaging, it is helpful. This RC quadcopter is a versatile and little measured robot that is more advantageous to convey when voyaging, permitting you to appreciate flying all over.

CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone

Also, The selective conveying sack permits you to securely store and transport your robot. The conveying pack makes it helpful to haul around. This sort of plastic is light in weight, slender, and strong simultaneously. It works admirably of ensuring the fragile inside parts. When collapsed, it estimates 8.5 x 19 x 7cm. When unfurled, it estimates 39 x 34 x 7cm. You can see that notwithstanding the name Mini, it is really not minuscule.

CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone


CSJ X7 PRO will follow you naturally and catch your development with a specific flying perspective. The camera focal point will continue pointing at the cell phone and stay steady separated from the cell phone. A serious GPS framework makes it totally mindful of its area and connection to you.

CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone

Furthermore, X7 Pro2 highlights a predominant 4K Camera and across the board capacities conveying the force for a smooth flight. With a one-key return work, the robot can discover its way back home without any problem. It is anything but difficult to take off or land with one catch through the controller, and it is anything but difficult to control the robot without the need for a two-hand activity. A brilliant ally for you.

CSJ X7 PRO  offers heaps of smart flight modes, other than basic capacities, GPS get back, double camera, GPS situating, optical stream situating, waypoint flight, focal point, follow me are accessible. 3-Axis balanced out gimbal permits you to shoot more steady and s a more clear picture. Proficient aeronautical imaging profits by longer flight time, the robot has a greatest flight season of 26mins, permitting additional time noticeable all around to catch the ideal shot.


CSJ X7 PRO Rc Drone has an ideal foldable plan, lightweight and adaptable edges make the robot little and versatile, advantageous to convey at whatever point in voyaging or other open-air exercises. You can easily buy this from Cafago at 114.74EURO. Get the sale 66%off

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