Cube i7 Stylus 2.0 Tablet PC Overall Specs, Price, Features, Review


Great news from Cube official that they will release Cube I7 Sylus 2.0 tablet pc which is the updated version of CUBE i7 Stylus. It is powered by  Intel Core M3-6Y30 processor, and it still uses the same 10.6inch Wacom enabled panel. So how is this Cube I7 Stylus 2.0 tablet pc?


It still has similar design as Cube I7 stylus, but it has changed the style a little. Powered by the latest Intel Skylake Core M3 chipset for better multi-tasking, playing games, opening many apps, searching the Internet and other actions are very smooth. Then 10.6inch 1920*1080p , new generation Electromagnetic screen and capacitive screen compatible with this 1024 level Wacom press stylus pen can achieve the wonderful handwriting experience. The excellent force touch can realize different mapping skills to open the mapping times by a tablet pc. The Transformer Dock keyboard can change in 7 modes such as tablet pc mode, mapping mode, PC mode, showing mode and other modes. It has repsonsive multi-touch pannel, dual USB port for extension.


Therefore, this Cube I7 Stylus 2.0 will bring the new times of mapping through a tablet pc. As for its other hardware, Cube has not released. We guess it will be over $400. So wait and know more.


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