CUBE Thinker Notebook i35 is That Really Air 12 Killer Check This Full Review+Unboxing


The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has long been an unrivaled offer, offering more than any other. But recently, Chinese manufacturers of laptops are starting to give gas. Only recently, this was demonstrated with the EZBook 3 Pro jumper, which offers tremendously good workmanship (unibody metal housing) for very little money.But even in the higher-priced segment, something is happening. Responsible for this is the manufacturer Alldocube, better known under the brand name Cube. With the Cube Thinker i35, the manufacturer has brought a China notebook on the market, which makes the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air strong competition and could also be an alternative to the Surface Book.


The Cube Thinker i35 is delivered in a pretty high-quality packaging, which unfortunately arrived a bit tattered. The product is well protected and attractively arranged inside. After opening the packaging, first, remove a layer of padding material. Below it appears a box with the high-quality acting power supply. A German power cord is not included. But it is a standard device cable, which should have everyone at home.The Cube Thinker i35 is well protected in a plastic bag. There is protection between the display and the keyboard. Underneath the notebook comes a fancy envelope, which houses a rudimentary manual. Other accessories are not included. That’s a pity. One or two USB Type-C adapters would have been a nice addition.

At least the MacBook Air has proven that a small lightweight notebook can also be a lifestyle product at the same time. A touch of extravagance should radiate it and at the same time, it should also provide enough power to work reasonably on the way. A big battery is also an advantage. Whatever the Xiaomi Air 12 has impressively proved to us, can the Cube Thinker do it all too? The datasheet promises to meet the requirements. The Intel m3 in combination with 8 GB of RAM and an SSD, he is prepared for the performance requirements. The dimensions are low, the equipment on the other hand high. The Thinker gets something special with the 3K display in 3:2 format with an integrated touchscreen and the flat metal housing. Of course, the whole thing has its price, just under $650 you have to pay for it.

Design & Appearance

In my expectations are correspondingly high with the price. When it comes to design, the Cube Thinker fulfills these. It is incredibly thin and completely Builds from metal. The unibody case is beautifully processed, the edges are polished and look like chrome. Silver metal, the completely black display and only the engraved logo on the display lid make a completely styled notebook! We also like the details that were considered in the design:

The opening for opening helps immensely when unfolding the display The Power Indicator and Caps / Num Lock are integrated above, as 3 small holes the speaker is in front of the display hinge, no visible holes and sound good position the screen looks like a flat surface, the edges are thin and the frame does not protrude The rear rubber feet are higher than the front ones, resulting in a comfortable slope of the keyboard.The Cube Thinker is smaller than other 13.3 “notebooks. 31.2 cm in width and 23.8 cm in length measures the Thinker. Due to its 3:2 format, now called Surface Display, it has a smaller area. It is almost square, which brings other benefits. The notebook runs wedge-shaped to a maximum of 1.5 cm, it is thick or thin, of which go 7mm to the display. At the very front of the case, we have just 9.6mm. Not quite in the picture fits the weight of the Cube Thinker. At 1.67KG, the convertible is quite heavy. Apple mills its MacBooks with unnecessary metal on the case to achieve the low weight. We suspect Cube has saved this step.

Due to the thickness of the case, there are not many physical interfaces on the left and right side of the case one USB 3.0 port, one 3.5 mm AUX output and power connection. New is the USB Type C socket, which offers several possibilities. there are various adapters to add an HDMI Out, LAN or USB port. It is not possible to load other devices faster on the type C port, however. Bluetooth 4.0 is installed on wireless interfaces as well as an AC-WLAN card that operates in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Problems do not arise. It is pleasant that the WLAN continues to function better than all my other devices (Smartphone, PC e.t.c). The display is really stable. Here you bet on much thicker aluminum which is also important because the expensive display wants to be well protected. But even the glass should not be stressed too much – this is the entire display front here. A wide metal or plastic frame around the panel does not exist. Thus, the lid is quite torsion-resistant and thus not only protects the panel from the external force but also prevents a push-through, which could scratch it in the closed state.

Here is not just a webcam, but left and right next to each microphone. Stereo microphones are now nothing special in China laptops, but the placement is very good. Usually, they are found above the keyboard. Here, however, a possible typing noise is very strong to hear. Microphones above the display thus provide less background noise and can better capture the voice of the speaker from an angle. And if we already talk about the placement of components, then we go down a floor and take a look at the placement of the connectors and LEDs. Let’s get the last started. We find three blue LEDs above the keyboard on the left. One serves as a power indicator, the other two serve as an indicator for Num Lock and Caps Lock. All LEDs light up in blue. Another LED is located on the left side next to the DC-In port. This lights red when charging and green when the battery is full. Also on the left side are a USB 3.0 port and a USB Type-C port. On the right side, we find a 3.5mm headphone jack with a generous distance to the second USB 3.0 port, which is a sham. Later more.

If you are in any doubt looking for the speaker openings on the Cube Thinker i35, you can continue the game for a long time without finding anything. The reason: there are none! The speakers were hidden here in the cutout, which houses the display hinge. This position is cleverly chosen because, first, it is inconspicuous and second, you can cover the speakers so neither on the ground nor on the top.

Due to its high resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, the pixel density is so high that you have to go with the nose to the display to be able to recognize individual pixels without effort. But that’s not all. The display is at its best in all areas. The contrast is a bomb, the black levels are great, colors pop neatly and make for a great, vibrant image. The angles? Excellent. Even better than the MacBook. Even from steep angles, content on the display can be seen almost unchanged. The maximum brightness is quite high and is roughly somewhere between 350 and 400 nits. This is an advantage outdoors. Since the OGS construction already reduces the reflections despite the high-gloss glass front, the display also looks good against the rest of the reflections. We could easily use the Cube Thinker i35 in bright sunlight when the brightness was set to maximum. If you are worried that the display is too bright at night, we can reassure you. At 0%, the brightness is dimmed very much, so the eyes are spared.

But not only the LCD panel in the Cube Thinker i35 is a real pleasure, with the touch screen it is the same. This is also identical to the digitizer used in the Surface Book and thus also supports the Microsoft Surface Pen. However, this is of course not necessary. The operation with the finger is fun – and really! The Cube Thinker i35 responds immediately to input. Despite the huge touch surface, there is hardly any input delay. The touch resolution and accuracy is excellent. In addition, the panel is very sensitive. Even very light touches are sufficient for a reliable detection. The glass on the display seems to be scratch-resistant. We recently had some dirt on the cleaning cloth and you could hear a clear scratching when polishing. However, to our surprise, this has left no trace on the display. Also, a coating against fingerprints seems to be present. Imprints are visible after a while, but these can be wiped off again without much effort. This also causes the lubricity of the glass is quite high.


We are impressed by the performance of the Cube Thinker! As long as you dispense with applications that require a powerful graphics card, you’ll enjoy the notebook’s performance.To the base of the laptop: This forms the Intel m3 7Y30 dual-core processor, with integrated Intel HD 615 On-Board GPU. Add to that 8GB of DDR3 RAM with a 256m2 SSD. But enough technical Chinese! I myself am a fan of the processor. Its two cores, plus two virtual cores for multitasking, clock in idle at 1.0 GHz and consume so little battery. When power is needed, they clock up to 2.6GHz, providing the necessary power. A good solution for a mobile convertible. it holds it through for up to 60 minutes, after which the power is reduced. When gambling, my frames dropped by 10 by 10 seconds.

The RAM is 8 GB and fast, thanks to Dual Channel. Without having opened programs, 2.4 GB are already occupied – which is why 4 GB of RAM is usually too few these days. The SSD in the m2 slot achieves good rates: Both the read and write rates are 470 Mbit / s. Thus, the hard drive is not a bottleneck, as is usually the case with slow eMMC low-budget storage on laptops.

The Cube Thinker i35 is not at all comparable to Atom or Celeron based laptops/tablets. The Intel Core M3-7Y30 is just around the world more powerful and makes for an excellent user experience in everyday life. Web browsing is easy with the Cube Thinker i35 in the Chrome browser. Many open tabs or several simultaneously played 4k streams reduce the performance barely, if at all. Ruckler is extremely rare. The processor handles these tasks absolutely effortlessly and ensures a smooth working speed – despite the enormous display resolution. Here also the big and fast 8GB DDR3 RAM should make its contribution.

We were surprised how well the Core M3-7Y30 handles games in the Cube Thinker i35. It should be well known that the processor can handle even demanding games like GTA V, provided that the graphics settings are adjusted accordingly. On the Cube Thinker i35, this is of course not possible due to the enormous resolution. Sure, you can reduce the resolution, but underneath suffers the graphics then enormous. The solution would be to use an external monitor with lower resolution. the full resolution of 3,000×2. 000 pixels in a playable frame rate. There are now and then a few skipped frames and you see a little tearing in the picture, but that’s nothing very dramatic. League of Legends also runs smoothly on native resolution and the graphics setting “medium-high”. At World of Tanks you have to lower the resolution a bit but then achieved with higher graphics splendor neat results. Of course, typical cube games such as Asphalt Xtreme and Modern Combat 5 can handle the Cube Thinker i35 effortlessly.

A good deal of GPU performance at the start. But what about the cooling? Of course, the Cube Thinker i35 is cooled purely passively. On the motherboard, there is a large copper heat sink, which absorbs the heat and also radiates to the ground. In the bottom plate is for distribution a large piece of glued copper foil. This type of cooling works surprisingly well. In everyday use without compute-intensive tasks (apart from 4k content), the waste heat is kept within limits. The case becomes temporarily warm, but not unpleasant. We measured a maximum of 38 ° C, while the SoC temperature between 50 – 68 ° C held.

The included M.2 SATA3 SSD offers 256GB not only a lot of storage space but also a good speed that makes itself felt in everyday life by short loading times when opening apps and a short boot time. The SSD is probably manufactured by GoodRAM. The manufacturer relies on chips from Toshiba. Thanks to the M.2 slot, the SSD can be extended by the user as desired. After removing the floor, only one screw has to be removed from the SSD. Then you can just pull them out of their slot. A strong piece of the Cube Thinker i35 has done with its USB 3.0 ports. The left port on the motherboard of the laptop works perfectly. We were able to run both a 2.5 “hard drive and an SSD, and we were able to reach high speeds (418 / 315MB / s), but the alleged USB 3.0 port on the right side actually turned out to be a USB 2.0 port we only ever get 41MB / s reading and writing, and it is not possible to run a 2.5 “hard drive without an external power supply.

The USB Type-C connector does not supply enough power! It is not possible to use power delivery in the opposite direction – from the laptop to a device. An external hard drive denies its service without a power supply. Even a smartphone cannot be loaded on the type-C port.

Keyboard & Touch Pad

The keyboard in the Cube Thinker i35 is for the requested price a huge impudence, and there it does not matter, how good the remaining equipment for the price is. If you do not get a decent keyboard at such a price-performance ratio, then you should save it elsewhere or let it be the same.At the beginning, the keyboard looks good and high quality. The keys feel stable and have a reasonably comfortable size as well as a sufficient distance. Only the typing feel is a bit spongy from the beginning, but this is not immediately a problem. The display brightness cannot be controlled by shortcut. This bothers easy and is a no-go in the higher priced area because even with a touchscreen, it is simply awkward to regulate the brightness via the notification center or the battery widget.

In the Cube Thinker i35, a Precision touchpad with a comfortable size is installed. The manufacturer of the touchpad is unfortunately not visible, but one can say with certainty that it is not a Synaptics touchpad. As usual nowadays, the touchpad comes in clickpad design. The mouse buttons are hidden under the touch area. The touch surface feels valent and has almost the same color as the case. Under sunlight, a subtle metallic sparkle appears. The surface feels slightly rough and has some use very pleasant sliding properties. Something disturbing, however, is that the touch surface is slightly loose. When tapping, this leads to a clatter and even in fine movements, a slight movement of the touch surface is noticeable. As far as the precision of the touchpad is concerned, we are very satisfied. This is definitely one of the better touchpads in China laptops. The multi-touch recognition works perfectly. Two-finger scrolling is never recognized as pinch-to-zoom. Of course, the feeling of an Apple trackpad does not work out.

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner works excellently. The failure rate is extremely low and the lockout time is very short. A touch for a fraction of a second is enough to log in. All in all, we never considered the fingerprint scanner as an obstacle, but as an ingenious and extremely convenient way to get to the desktop quickly. Even unlocking without a password via the Windows Lock Screen via touchscreen take longer than unlocking with a fingerprint as a password.

Windows 10

The Cube Thinker i35 ships with Windows 10 Home 64-bit. Of course, the installation is activated and the key is stored in the UEFI as usual today. The system starts in English on first boot. The boot process takes only a few seconds thanks to the fast SSD. The Windows installation is not greasy with bloatware.Other operating systems are easy to start and install. We tested that with the latest version of Ubuntu. The hardware was recognized immediately except for the touchpad and the fingerprint scanner. he touch screen works well on Ubuntu. The system performance is excellent.


The Cube Thinker i35 comes with a dual-band ac-WLAN card. This also achieves corresponding data rates. We were able to use our internet connection (200Mbit) without any problems. The reception performance is also convincing. The connection does not break off in the entire house. The Bluetooth module supports only the older 4.0 standard, which is not so dramatic on a Windows laptop. Test equipment such as a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth headset has worked well with the Cube Thinker i35. With the headphones, we were able to remove a room from the notebook without disturbing the connection.


The Cube Thinker i35 has stereo speakers. These were mounted in the top of the housing in the recess of the hinge. Thus it is not possible to cover the speakers, which is definitely to be regarded as a plus point. The quality of the speakers is ok but not outstanding. With activated Bass Boost you get an acceptable sound, but the basses are rather restrained. From 80% volume, the speakers scratch in higher frequency ranges.

The 3.5mm headphone jack provides a good signal from Realtek Audio Chips with extremely high volume. Unlike many other China laptops, the Cube Thinker i35 has no excess bass. The mix is ??quite balanced and listening to music is great fun when combined with good headphones. We were extremely surprised by the two microphones above the display. These record a pure stereo sound and capture the voice very well, even if you are further away. Recordings sound neither noisy, nor dull, nor flat. You can compare the quality of the microphones that are in current MacBooks.


Like the stereo microphone, the 2MP front camera in the Cube Thinker i35 is worlds better than the majority of other laptops and tablets in the Far East. Although we would not describe the quality as excellent, it is good enough that you can really be satisfied with it. The level of detail is high enough to be able to read even smaller fonts without difficulty. Incidentally, the maximum resolution for video recordings is 720p. Videos show a slight stutter, but nothing dramatic. Who skypes a lot of video telephony or similar? will be satisfied.


The capacity of the battery in the Cube Thinker i35 is specified as 5.000mAh. But we suspect that this statement refers to a cell. Based on the size of the two cells, the total capacity should be at 10,000mAh. the Cube Thinker i35 a good battery life. From 7 to 8 hours is spoken here. After more than a week of everyday use, we can not confirm that absolutely. In fact, the term is rather bad. 7 or 8 hours runtime can only be achieved by running the laptop at the lowest display brightness without any open programs.

With actual, productive use of the Cube Thinker i35, the runtime we achieved was always between 3 and 4 hours. Little more was only possible if we used the laptop in bad weather only indoor with adequate display brightness. There were also sometimes 4:30 hours possible. All other information is absolutely unrealistic. The bottom line is the battery life so bad to moderate. You can recharge the Cube Thinker i35 in two ways. Once with a normal DC-In connection, for which also a quite high-quality power supply (12V / 3A) is supplied. The battery charges from 20 to 70 percent within 1 hour and 10 minutes. It takes 2:45 hours to fully charge the battery.

Also via the USB Type-C port, you can load the laptop. But this is NOT possible with any cable, power supply or power bank. You need a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, which explicitly supports Power Delivery. And not only that, the power supply also needs to support power delivery. The full charge lasts only 2 hours. The 70% are full within an hour. What we noticed was the hardly any waste heat when charging via Type-C. The DC-in port makes the laptop much warmer.


Now its time to comes with price session about cube thinker the normal price that you see all over reseller site and online store is $589 but also here we can help you to purchase it the coupon code that we give you it will help you to purchase it, at this moment if you want to buy this Laptop it available on One of the best online Chinese store with high-level customer services with price value just at $559.99 with the help of this Coupon Code: HNYear248.


My Verdict

So much potential has the Cube Thinker, a top-notch notebook to be and with the Xiaomi Air to catch up. The Cube Thinker itself has become a great notebook that radiates a certain premium claim. The display with its 3K resolution and practical 3: 2 format is just to fall in love! The hardware package is right, which in practice (almost) never ran out of the performance. Also, processing, design, and touchpad have left a lasting impression. Where you simply should not save on a notebook, however, is the keyboard - heaven, ass and thread! Too spongy and cheap is the Cube Thinker. You could overlook the wrong USB 3.0 port if at least the battery life would be at the same level as the Xiaomi Air 12. So I look with two divided opinion on the convertible with the premium claim: in itself an awesome notebook, which already impresses impression. On the other hand, I am annoyed why Cube has not made more of the notebook.

As for the Cube Thinker i35, we feel torn. Here you get basically a very well-equipped device at a really fair price of depending on the supply situation - Under $600. The display of the laptop is terrific and the performance absolutely satisfactory. But on closer inspection and real everyday use, some flaws emerge, which spoil the fun. The most significant problem is this dreadful cheap keyboard that was installed here. A laptop without a reliable keyboard is just not usable - at least if you have to write a lot.

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  1. I have many problems with flickering. The battery is not suitable for display consumption. Cube is really unlucky with batteries dedicated to the Core M, and I know something, having bought in the past a Cube I7 core M and a Cube I9. No support, no possibilities of buy a new original batteries. It is related to the energy management of the display and the battery that is not adequate. In addition, the panel tends to cut off when I open the notebook ( due to the magnets). Now I have to put a double-sided adhesive to prevent the dust. An lost opportunity for Cube and a product with obvious defects.

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