Cubot F1: Smart Watch Especially For Sports Lovers


Cubot is a company that has spent some time dedicating itself to the wearable world and leaving behind its smartphones. To complete their line of activity wristbands: Cubot S1 or Cubot V1 and V2, have decided to add a new section in their catalog, and this is about sports watches.The new product that will soon arrive in the markets is the Cubot F1, a watch intended mainly for sports lovers and with a design very similar to the Garmin or Suunto that we usually see in high competition.

 The  Cubot F1 returns to nature have simple but pragmatic functions with the classic design of premium and material. It makes your life better and simpler, but it will not change your real life.

This Cubot F1 is built on a metal body and a high strength silicone strap. In its front part, we find a FSIN screen of 1.2 inches that offers a great contrast in situations of great sun. Inside has a built-in 6-axis sensor and a smart chip dedicated to monitoring all our activities.

As it could not be otherwise in its back part we will have the heart rate sensor. The whole set is added IP67 certification so that water sports will not resist us. The Among many of its functions we will have also available like SMS notification, alarm clock, social networking notification, etc.

Cubot says the F1 is designed with the purpose of “going back to nature”, promising you to make life simpler yet not get distracted by the same.

The company has not revealed when it will launch the Cubot F1 and the price that will go around, but we will be aware of any information that leaks to respect this smartwatch. For more details, we leave the Cubot website. What do you think of this F1 Cubot.


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