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Today it is the turn of Cubot and its new model, the Cubot Power, a terminal that will shock us with its incredible battery and the difference in plan that is for Cubot. It is noticed that the cell phone will be accessible in May this year. Would you like to discover something more about this terminal? All things considered, we should see it!

On the off chance that we begin as dependably for the most vivid, for its outline, this Cubot Power will have a stretched arrangement, truth be told, adds to the mold of 18: 9 , which will mean a more adapted and sensible plan that, moreover, will Unites that have radically lessened the casings if contrasted and different models of the brand and will have adjusted edges on the back, therefore bettering ergonomics.Cubot Power.

In the event that we center around the more specialized segment, we will see that this Cubot Power will come outfitted with a 5.99 “screen and a FullHD + determination (2160x1080p) with the renowned 18: 9 design as we have just remarked. Underneath the screen and the lodging of this terminal, we will discover a MediaTek processor, particularly the model MT6763T or otherwise called Helio P23, which will have 8 centers equipped for working at a most extreme recurrence of 2.5GHz, making it conceivable to execute for all intents and purposes any application or diversion.

Likewise, this processor will be joined by the unimportant measure of 6GB of RAM to give greater ease to the gadget while we can have more applications open out of sight. In the event that you are one of the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to have every one of your information on the Smartphone, don’t stress since this Cubot Power will have 128GB of interior stockpiling that will enable us to spare everything that jumps out at us inside our terminal.

In the area of the cameras, the main thing that has risen above from this terminal is that it will have a 20MP back camera with 6 focal points that will without a doubt give us a decent photographic reaction, despite the fact that as dependably until the point that we have it in our grasp we won’t know it dependably.grab more discount and coupon visit igeekphone

The self-governance of this Cubot Power will be controlled by the 6000mAh battery that the Cubot individuals have gathered inside this terminal and that will give it a more than redress self-rule. To complete disclose to you that this Cubot Power will accompany Android Oreo (8.1) introduced at the industrial facility. prices are listed below:

price:6.18-6.25 17:00 for 10units 129.99usd
price:6.18 00:00–6.25 24:00 239.99usd


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