Cubot Rainbow 2 with Dual Rear Camera Will Come Soon


Cubot has released the first generation Cubot Rainbow smartphone which is a budget affordable device in June, 2016,  because it has got much popularity, Cubot decides to release the second generation of Cubot Rainbow, called Cubot Rainbow 2 according to the company. So what will amaze us most about the Cubot Rainbow 2?

According to its leaked photos, there will be five colors available, such as white, black, pink, blue and orange, and it will feature dual rear camera on the top left of the back cover, so it should carry one of modern Mediatek SoC to support dual rear cameras, because dual camera needs high horsepower and RAM, Cubot Rainbow 2 will have more than RAM 1GB than Cubot Rainbow with RAM 1GB.

Besides, Cubot Rainbow 2 with dual rear camera will provide sharper photos with better quality especially in low light which enables us to think that Cubot Rainbow 2 will use the same implementation as Huawei P9 has, so the one sensor should be B&W,  as for other information such as release date, price, and other specs, we have to wait for more news from Cubot, stay tuned.


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