Cubot S9 Will Feature Snapdragon 823 RAM 6GB in 6 Color Options


Cubot has latest news that Cubot S9 as the next flagship smartphone will come out in 6 colors. It will the second high-end device after Cubot Cheetah. So what makes Cubot S9 so powerful and attractive. We will enter into Cubot S9 world.


In terms of its design, Cubot S9 will have 6 colors such as blue, gold, pink, red, silver and space gray. It uses  a hard aluminum alloy coating (Al-Zn-Mg). So there is one color you are into. As for other hardwares, it will be powered by Snapdragon 823 Processor which is more powerful than the current Snapdragon 820 processor. Meanwhile, it also will have RAM 6GB ROM 128GB to compare with Letv Le Max 2 6GB version. We have got more details about its screen resolution. But it is said it will take 5.4inch Sharp screen,  It has 6.5mm metal body, supporting quick charge, semi-circular Touch ID, dual 16MP cameras and 8MP front camera, running Android6.0 OS. Meanwhile, you may be very interested in USB Type C output instead of  3.5mm headphone jack, which will bring more convenience.

Therefore, according to the latest leaked news of Cubot S9, we can see it will be the most powerful smartphone compared with Xiaomi Max, Le Max 2, and so on. As you know, Snapdragon 823 processor needs time to be popular among Chinese brands. So do you think it will be real?


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