Curved Screen Released from DOOGEE, Will It Take DOOGEE MIX Series into the Next Level?


We have seen smartphone screens with curved edges, but have you seen screens like papers which can be bent over easily? Recently a new-type Cured Screen like the plastic sheet is released by DOOGEE mobile a few days ago. On the video, you can see that the screen can be twisted like a paper. It’s flexible and bendable. It is said that DOOGEE’s next model MIX 3 will apply this new type curved screen, which may bring a change to cellphone industry.

In the meantime, DOOGEE MIX 2 unveil a high-end edition with 8+128GB, to distinguish it from the previous 6+64GB version which is on sale at Banggood at 199.99$.  The eye-catchy features 4 cameras and Face recognition on DOOGEE MIX 2 attract a lot of attention on last month’s World-Expo in Hong Kong. 

The MIX Series turns out to be a success from the very beginning. When DOOGEE MIX came to market, the famous global media Forbes also made a review on it, and comparing it to xiaomi Mi Mix: “ it’s actually quite impressive for such a small company to pull off this feat of engineering.” 

And latest model DOOGEE MIX 2 has been the top-selling full-display smartphone in the past AliExpress 11.11 big sale last week. With 130°wide-angle camera(which can capture more peoples when making selfie), high-tech face recognition, and stable system, DOOGEE MIX 2 gains many praises from medias and reviewers.

And you can get the original edition with a sale price, just the same as when it initially launched in banggood.


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