Deepoon M2 vs Samsung Gear VR Headset Review


Deepoon has released its Deepoon M2 for two months, which is the first all-in-one VR Virtual Reality Headset for Deepoon. Since Deepoon E2, Deepoon has good relationship with Samsung, because this Deepoon M2 also uses Samsung Exynos 7420 processor 2K OLED screen. So we will compare Deepoon m2 with Samsung Gear VR to see which one is better.


Hardware Comparison

They are so similar in their design, diopter adjustment on the top, but Deepoon M2 is built in  cooling fan and extra power button on the top.



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Touch panel, back button, volume button on the side, but the volume button of Gear VR is on the front side of black frame.


Down the side, Gear VR offers one Micro USB, but Deepoon m2 all-in-one VR headset has an extra Aux 3.5 audio output, a TF card besides Micro USB.

In addition, Deepoon m2 ventilated gate is more than Samsung Galaxy Gear VR in order to ensure the cooling ventilation, and reduce the fog.


In the eyepiece part,  it has all designed light feeling to recognize which device you are using. Samsung Gear VR has circular lenses, but Deepoon m2 has  special-shaped lenses, which is designed for the noise for better shading in noise part.

In addition, the cover material of Deepoon M2 is harder than that of Samsung Gear VR, which has bigger supporting force and more comfortable for your face. But Samsung uses sort of soft cloth to make you feel a bit stuffy.


From the side pictures, Deepoon M2 is shorter than Gear VR in wearing,  eyeball is closer to the lens,which also lead to the less telescope effect than Gear VR, although they have similar lens sizes.

Wearing Comparison

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Weight: it has 400g weight for Samsung Gear VR and S6 Edge without including lid and head belt , but Deepoon M2 has 425g weight without the head belt. As for how to install them, they have same operation.


Light-leaking: samsung GEAR VR under the nose and cheek part of VR has bit  light-leaking, but Deepoon VR doesn’t at all.

Telescope effect: both have telescope effect, but Gear VR can see the whole round vision with black frame, Deepoon VR can also fee the round vision but not obvious in black frame.

FOV:  Both uses Samsung 2K AMOLED screen, but the lens of Deepoon is a little bigger. when we test some panoramic videos, video distortion happens to fit completely. It should be compatible with the standard of Android VR.

Delay: When we test the engineering version,there may some delaying problem, but the official version has solved the problem which doesn’t let us feel dizzy.

Fog: When Samsung Galaxy S6 runs the VR headset, it was very terrible, because the back of the vr is overheating a lot. So in general, we don’t install the back cover to use, it looks obvious about fog. But in manageable range, Deepoon M2 uses the same configuration, so it will also lead to overheating problem, but it has cooling fan in Deepoon VR, it will adjust the temperature with a little noise. But it control fog well. In the same environment, Gear vr is fuzzy, but Deepoon M2 is ok, as for wind noise, when we wear the earphone, we can’t hear that.

We introduce Deepoon M2 VR headset OS in general, recording screen is the whole effect of LED display, after wearing it, you can see the middle part which is a true 1:1 virtual world.


The main interface is a recommendation page such as videos, movies, games, etc. You can open this app or the last one you have watched before.


The left paddle is a Settings page, you can refer to individual center, set up, the local file, operational range is not large, relatively closed, that means you can’t see the original android system Settings, only simple wifi, bluetooth.


Crossing to the right is the online resources page, divided into the panoramic video, 3d movie and TV, application market, that is to say, in addition to install the app,all the resources of Deepoon integrated within the page.


Panoramic video content is rich, made a classification.

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Deepoon M2 has rich resource and built in 3D version fonts. But it should be improved the ratio checkbox in its own player, some 2.35:1 ratio movies can be changed to 16:9 ratio. If it could provide more scene such as imitated theater, it would be better.


Gear VR  with the Galaxy S6 sells at least $666, over 4000 yuan, but Deepoon M2 at 2999 yuan, $500, so Deepoon has better price advantage.


Deepoon M2 All-in-one VR has some advantages than Gear VR such as competitive price, better craftsmanship material, more comfortability  to wear, no obvious effect in telescope, nice control in fog effect, richer resource. But Gear VR also has its own advantages, such as Oculus games and resource, and it can be pulled down to use for phone. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose the idea one.


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