Difference between VR and AR


The gadget industry has developed leaps and bounds in this past decade or so, we have seen gadgets coming to real life which previously were shown in fictional movies. The fierce competition in the tech industry, ambitious startups and smart consumers all lead to the ultimate world to gadgets we see today. A currently trending technology among the companies is the VR (Virtual Reality ) and AR (Augmented Reality) tech.


Well many a times we get confused between VR and AR, well VR and AR are different technologies, they may be having similar roots but when implemented you can easily distinguish between them. VR, the emerging and cutting-edge technology, is regarded as the most revolutionary technology together with Smartphone and plus Internet age. VR is very easy to comprehend. It presents a complete virtual 360 degree virtual surrounding with head tracking movements of users and birngs about these movements on VR content, offering immersive experience. Obviously, it is more suitable for games and immersive movies.leap-motion-vr-mount-oculus-rift-dk2 (1)

Right now many VR devices are available on the market like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Sony will release its PlaystationVR in October of this year. Also we have Samsung’s mobile-based GearVR and Google’s Daydream platform. Currently the VR headsets that have been sold are most interestingly used for gaming and other acceptable applications like 360degree live streams,virtual tours etc. The headsets can offer immersive and realistic experience. Hollywood is attempting to make VR movies. Big technology giants are establishing VR amusement parks, offering a more interactive VR experience with huge spaces, movement tracking system and game scene design.


On the hand AR is not all virtual, rather it is an amalgamation of real world with some virtual elements in it, for example the Microsoft Holo Lens. AR offers a mixture of real world extended and made more intuitive using some digital techniques. AR is also a simple concept. Equipped with movement tracking and feedback technology, it overlays digital images based on realistic picture. Its biggest difference from VR is that users could see realistic things instead of watching virtual images from the headset.


Biggest difference with VR is as of now there are no AR devices that are available for general users in the market. There was Google Glass but its no longer available. Even the HoloLens is priced at  $3000 and is only designed for developers. AR glasses is also applied to games, in which some gaming elements like minecraft walls are adding in the realty. AR is more suitable for education, aviation and businesss instead of only games.It has more real world applications.


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