Digital Blogger Leaked Xiaomi is Testing 120Hz Refresh Rate OLED Screen


Today that there is news that OnePlus 8 Pro is expected to adopt 120Hz “super smooth” screen, last month there is also industry news that Apple iPhone will be equipped with 120Hz screen next year, it seems that 120hz screen is expected to become the next smartphone New features to be popularized.

Today, digital blogger said that Xiaomi is also testing the 120Hz refresh rate screen of the phone, and the use of the OLED screen.

In fact, earlier this month, XDA developers discovered that Xiaomi has added new code to the refresh rate display settings in the latest MIUI 11 beta. The code implies that the phone includes 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate options, which means that Xiaomi will launch a mobile phone that supports switching between 60Hz and 120Hz.

Xiaomi 120Hz refresh rate screen should be positioned as the flagship model, so the guess is the Xiaomi digital series or the XIaomi Mi MIX series.


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