DIGOO DG-W01f Double Light Waterproof WIFI Security IP Camera Design, Hardware, Features Review


Outdoor cameras are one of the most important devices for organizing security. This ain’t a new thing like we all know to provide the best building security option, you have to look for cameras which come with WiFi support, night visibility options, waterproof design, wide degrees of moving in both horizontal and vertical planes, support for different operating systems for remote control, support for different protocols and many more so as to have a very functional security system,. Fortunately, we don’t feel lack of such devices, and now we are going to introduce one of them offering many attractive features. Meet the DIGOO DG-W01f Double Light Waterproof WIFI Security IP Camera, which is one of the most popular IP cameras available in the market.


The DIGOO DG-W01f security camera comes in an all-white and all-black color which makes it look classy and glossy. It is made from all metal material, making it very different from other ABS material. due to this, the conduction, transmission or receiving of signal would be high than normal. It is a compact product with dimensions of 85mm long, 48.5 mm wide and 62.0mm high. Plus, it has an IP66 certificate for water-proof feature, so you can confidently place it outside without fear of water damaging it. The camera can operate under -10 to 50 Celsius degrees, so you don’t have to be scared of the sun damaging it.


The security camera is packed with 4 high power sensing LEDs providing night visibility which helps to increase video brightness by 80%. Based on the 10 infrared lamps of the WO1F, and another added 4 pieces white light with power total. This provides a light source actively, light beans could cover the whole video up to 90%. It also comes with sensing automatic lights function.  When someone passes by, the white light would in sec speed turn on, the video would become colored immediately. It comes with a built-in a TF card slot, up to 64GB. Auto loop record and delete old history videos. Playback all the video from the TF card by APP no matter where and when you are. This IP camera also supports ONVIF protocol, thus this product can work with other products certified at the same level. So you can use your Android- or iOS-powered devices to work with it. Plus, it supports Internet Explorer 8.0-11.0, FireFox Mozilla, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.


There is a 1MP camera providing real-time video content at a resolution of 20P(1280*720), VGA(640*480). This camera is also powered by 3.6 mm 75° Wide-Angle Lens with IR Distance of 25M. Lets quickly talk about the cloud storage, Video will be stored in the cloud storage server, The date is never lost even if all equipment were destroyed, Don’t need to purchase NVR, SD card or other equipment. and lastly, visit all the video by APP no matter where and when you are. Its basic Performance includes Wifi + IP, APP Remote View. You can connect it by wifi(wireless) or network cable(wired)way, view, receive alarm and control your Cam remotely. 


If you’ve always wished to get a topnotch security camera system then the DIGOO DG-W01f Double Light Waterproof WIFI Security IP Camera is a great option. It is currently available on Banggood for a discounted price of $29.99. This price would only last for the ist 100 unit of the product, so do well to get it now while the price last.

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