Discount price for Feiyu Pocket 2 Gimbal on Tomtop


Joining other great manufacturers of handheld stabilized camera gimbal is Feiyu. This company has made the Feiyu Pocket 2 Handheld Stabilized Camera Gimbal to feature the most needed specs a good gimbal should posses. However, this product  fois available for a discount price of € 186.67 (Inclusive of VAT) on Tomtop.

With the 130 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens, this gimbal is capable of delivering a more broad vision and integrates the scene you see into the picture as much as possible.

Feiyu Pocket 2 is an upgraded stabilized handheld camera that imitates the integrated design of gimbal and camera together. It has a lighter and portable design with one-handed holding structure making it very easy and light to carry around with you wherever you go. Although, it features a large touchscreen that facilitates the shooting control and real-time preview of captured images and videos. Feiyu Pocket 2 easily achieves all your video recording needs at all times.

In order to ease the control and usage, users can connect the Feiyu pocket 2 handheld camera gimbal to the Feiyu Cam App to enjoy more useful functions. The body of this product is made of frosted metal with a total weight of just 115 grams. well, the body design is compact and it makes Feiyu pocket 2 exquisite, attractive, and very durable to withstand mishandling.

Where To Buy:

On Tomtop, the Feiyu Pocket 2 Handheld Stabilized Camera Gimbal is currently available for discount price of € 186.67.


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