DJI Announces The First 0.1 Billion Aerial Photographing RC Drone


Recently DJI has some new movement, because they have not only released movie-level double axis gimbal and DJI Goggles VR glasses, today they release  it’s first 0.1 billion aerial photographing rc drone in the world.

This rc drone is created based on DJI M600 Pro, the biggest difference is to be powered by frame camera of Hasselblad H6D-100c . This Hasselblad frame camera has 0.1 billion COMS sensor, up to 1/2000 seconds per 60 minutes, which is very suitable for photographing with long time and long exposure. In addition, it can support 4K video recording.

DJI M600 Pro is the new professional rc drone for those professional film aerial photographing, adopting module design, supporting DJI gimbal and the third party hardware expansion, which can upload up to 0.6kg objects, even Epic movies. The frame camera in Hasselblad is more powerful.

The DJI 0.1 billion Aerial Photographing RC Drone has been prepared long time ago, in January, DJI has purchased most parts of shares of Hasselblad, so it is possible to use Hasselblad frame camera on the RC drone, currently, DJI has not released this UAV price, but according to DJI M600 Pro and Hasselblad H6D-100c price, the final price of DJI 0.1 billion UAV will sell up to 30,000 USD.


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