DJI FPV COMBO Drone Unboxing Video Has Been Released


DJI launched the DJI FPV digital image transmission system for the rider, but it has not yet found a rider product. Now, DJI own through the DJI FPV COMBO Drone finally came, users have been drying out the video out of the box, and was transported to the B station on.

Judging from the unboxing video, it is the same as the previously exposed spy photos. It will be basically like this when it is officially listed in the future.

The DJI FVP traversing machine package is equipped with the second-generation FPV flying glasses, displaying 720P/120fps, 28 milliseconds low latency, and support 4 km image transmission. The matching handle is very similar to DJI’s latest drone handle.

According to the specifications transmitted by the Internet: the traversing machine supports 4K/60fps recording, is equipped with a 3-blade propeller, supports 3 flight modes, has a maximum speed of 120-150 kilometres per hour, 2000mAh battery, and 20 minutes of battery life.

DJI FPV COMBO built-in FPV camera can remotely adjust the tilt angle, allowing the player to fly in the air like an “immersive”. The price is rumoured to be $1499.99.

The traversing aircraft is a remote control aircraft that lacks autonomous cruising capabilities. Because of its fast speed and flexible action, racing or shooting flying pictures is often used than traditional drones cannot capture. The visual effects are much more exciting.

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Of course, because of this characteristic, “explosion planes” are more common than traditional drones. How to be more resistant to collisions is a problem that DJI must consider.


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