DJI Inspire 2 RC Drone Officially Announced at 19,999 yuan, $3,333


Today DJI has released a new flagship RC drone,  in USA, according to introduction, DJI Inspire 2 uses  magnesium aluminum alloy deformable body, continuing the carbon fiber arm design to make it lighter and stronger. It can speed up in 4 seconds to run 0-80 km/h. The fastest speed is up to 30m/s.


In power system, DJI Inspire 2 has upgraded, too, maximum rising speed is 6 m/s, and 9m/sec falling speed. IMU, barometer,electronic governor communication and satellite navigation uses the redundancy design to keep the system operate safely, the connection distance between the main remote controller and second one is up to 100 meters.


In addition, DJI Inspire 2 has first added the all round anti collision avoidance system, compared with DJI Phantom 4, the top of Inspire 2 has increased the IR sensing system, the ultrasonic sensing system and visual system, supporting accurate hovering without GPS, its front stereo vision sensor can perceive the obstacle as far as 30 meters.


In battery life, DJI Inspire 2 can support flying up to 27 minutes with the new double battery redundancy system, if there is something wrong to one battery, it can depend on the other to fly safer.

In photographing, Inspire 2 is built in the CineCore 2.0 GPU to support different video compressing format, including Adobe CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes 422 HQ(5.2K, 4K), ProRes 4444 XQ(4K), H.264/H.265 decoding 4K@100Mbps video, supporting the new DJI CINESSD high-speed SD card. CineCore 2.0 can support many camera port by the quick tear-down port. Inspire 2 is compatible with the new Zenmuse X4S, X5S two gimbals. There is front FPV camera before the body, players can observe the video by the main controller, the gimbal controller can observe the image of photographing.


Meanwhile, DJI Inspire 2 can provide DJI Crystalsky high brightness screen, which can make users see the clear image under the direct sunshine. In addition, there is OARS, battery station, DJI CINESSD high-speed storage, DJI CINESSD reader and other accessories available.

As for price, DJI Inspire 2 sells at least 19,999 yuan, $3,333 without including gimbal which aims at the professional aerial photographing and consumerism market.Will you have a try?

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