DJI M600 Pro Hexacopter Announced at $4,999


Recently, DJI has released a new large UAV, DJI Matrice 600 Pro Hexacopter, which has better flight performance, more powerful battery charging system,and better camera. Its flying distance is up to 5 kilometers, selling at $4,999.

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Different from the previous rc drones, this is an industrial UAV, compared with DJI M600, it has improved hardware, equipped with de-vibration, de-noise which can meet the needs of industrial level RC drone.


DJI M600 Pro uses 6 axis design, which can carry the payload of 6KG, it can fly 30 minutes  carrying with DJI Zenmuse XT camera, when it is full loaded, it also can support up to 16 minutes flight time. And the battery box has also been improved which can charge six batteries at the same time.


It’s said DJI M600 Pro runs DJI flight controller, which comes with three sets of IMU and GNSS modules to achieve GPS navigation over 6 roads to keep the stable flight. Meanwhile, it has also been optimized about transportation and comes with pre-installed arms and antennas. And the platform of DJI M600 Pro is smaller than M600. Right now it starts to sell at $4,999, which is also full of competition. Will you have a try?


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