DJI Mavic Mini Drone to be Announced October 30th For $399


Today, DJI has released a new countdown for October 30, 2019. On the trailer page, the motto is ” Fly As You Are “. Accordingly, a new product will be presented in the coming week, on 30 October 2019 at 14:00 clock. It is still unclear what DJI will introduce. The trailer photo also gives no noteworthy indication.


The photo shows only a woman on a jetty near the sea. It is interesting and noteworthy that the so-called stop-motion technique is used in the trailer photo. Stop motion is a film technique that creates the illusion of movement. For this purpose, several individual images (frames) of still images are taken and then strung together in an image.

It is almost certain that it is the Mavic Mini, the alleged successor to the Spark and the Mavic Air. The drone is likely to have a 4K camera. The sale price becomes $399. That is probably without an optional controller.

The fact that the Mavic Mini is coming soon became apparent when registration with this product name appeared at the FCC. The selling price of $399 can be deduced from an accidentally prematurely placed online listing on a Chinese webshop. Finally, the date of 30 October comes from DJI itself, which mentions this date in the product launch announcement. The drone should be in stores before the holidays.

According to earlier rumors, the Mavic Mini would have access to a 4K camera and would have a weight of only 245 grams. However, there are other rumors that talk about weight of 350 grams. The latter would surprise us since in many countries 250 grams is seen as an important border. DJI is probably very interested in staying under this weight. The drone could be controlled via the WiFi connection of a smartphone or tablet. An optional controller offers a better range.

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