DJI Mavic Mini UAV Configuration: Price Leaked, 249g, 30 Battery, For $399


DJI will release new products. One of the possible protagonists will be the DJI Mavic Mini small drone. It is reported that Mavic mini is only 249g weight, which is less than half a catty. The longest battery life is 30 minutes. It can record 2.7K video. The distance is 4 kilometers. It is equipped with a visual sensor, GPS and three-axis universal joint. The whole machine is folded and designed to be controlled by one hand.

I am afraid that the old players have also found that the Mavic mini can’t shoot 4K video, and it is not visually obstacle-avoided. It has no forward, lateral or backward directions. There is only one sensor at the bottom for accurate landing.

Also exposed to the Mavic mini is a light kit that includes the body, armor, remote control, three batteries, a charging dock, and a travel case.

According to the news, DJI Mavic Mini is priced at 399 US dollars (about 2,818 yuan), set 649 US dollars.

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