DJI OSMO ACTION Camera Review: First Person Wide-Angle New Camera Gear


Up to the “Transformers”, “Speed ​​and Passion” series of large movies, down to sports and travel, the first person and wide-angle effects brought by sports cameras, often make people shine. After launching a series of mobile handheld pan/tilt and pocket cameras, the DJI OSMO series finally extended its product line to the small sports camera camp and named it DJI OSMO ACTION cmera.


Regardless of its naming, appearance or function, this new product from DJI reveals the positive confrontation with the GoPro HERO series. So, what is the actual performance of DJI OSMO ACTION? Let us find out now.

Design & Appearance

From the appearance point of view, DJI OSMO ACTION follows the mainstream design of sports cameras. The front and back of the Camera are each equipped with a screen. The difference is that the front screen is a 1.4-inch color screen with a pixel density of 300 ppi. The rear is equipped with a 2.25-inch, 640 x 360 resolution screen and covers the AF coating for hydrophobic, oil draining and anti-fouling.

The DJI OSMO ACTION screen is quite colorful. The front and rear screen brightness are up to 750 cd/m2. Even in the sun, there is still enough visibility, and through the drop-down menu, you can adjust the screen brightness to cope with various environments. At the same time, DJI also designed a heat conduction system in the Camera to guide the heat generated between the front screen and the battery to the lens metal cover on the front of the camera and the metal heat sink to ensure the camera’s heat dissipation.

In fact, the main screen on the back of OSMO ACTION in DJI is higher than the screen of GoPro HERO7 Black, which makes the OSMO ACTION in DJI still have a larger screen while the actual size is slightly smaller than GoPro HERO7 Black. At the same time, the response of the OSMO ACTION touch screen in DJI and the sensitivity of the operating system are far smoother than most sports cameras on the market.

DJI OSMO ACTION is smaller than GoPro HERO7 Black

This set of Action OS systems developed for sports camera use scenes has largely won the design essence of the DJI OSMO series. Whether it is playback, switching camera, camera mode, or other camera settings, DJI OSMO ACTION can respond quickly and experience very well.

Interface operation GIF

The exterior of the camera itself is covered by a special process of PC plastic, and the surface has a non-slip texture, which has certain anti-slip properties. At the same time, the three buttons on the Camera are wrapped in soft rubber, which has a certain feel. The inside of the Cannerauses an aluminum alloy frame to enhance the overall strength of the Camera.

DJI OSMO ACTION has learned the essence of GoPro HERO7 Black, and further, for example, it has the waterproof capacity of bare metal 11 meters, certain dustproof capacity, and bare metal is enough to cope with many environments. However, DJI still proposes to cooperate with the protective cover of the corresponding environment, so that the Camera can obtain better protection effect.

At the same time, the lens protection cover can be easily unscrewed to expose the lens. This means that the protective cover itself can also assume the filter function in the future.

The SD card slot cover on the side of the OSMO ACTION Camera is also disassembled like the GoPro HERO series, making it easy to charge at any time during shooting. Interestingly, the USB Type-C interface of the camera itself seems to support the USB PD protocol. It is compatible with the USB PD charging head on the market, but it does not have the function of fast charging. The charging time is about 80 minutes.

The battery of DJI OSMO ACTION is connected to a part of the Camera casing. The battery case itself has a certain degree of sealing. When the camera body is combined with the camera body, as long as the buckle on the bottom of the camera does not show orange, the battery has been installed securely and sealed.

Of course, such a battery design also means that DJI OSMO ACTION will not be able to use third-party compatible batteries. However, the original lithium battery is of high quality, the capacity is 1300mAh, 5.005Wh, and the working temperature can be between -10 °C and 40 °C. In other words, even if the OSMO ACTION is installed in a relatively harsh environment such as the roof or the field, battery power can ensure that the camera can be started and operated smoothly.

As for the battery’s battery life performance, it is slightly higher than the mainstream sports camera. If you record 1080p@60fps video, you can record for 1 hour and 25 minutes continuously, which means that if you are good at using power-saving operation, DJI OSMO ACTION one battery is enough to take a lot of content.

If you buy three or four batteries, it will cause you headaches, I am afraid it should be the material after finishing the recording problem.

145° wide angle

The first element of a motion camera is the beat. Regardless of the state of the switch, as long as you press the record button, DJI OSMO ACTION will enter the video recording state. And from the shutdown to start recording, it takes only about 1 second in the middle to ensure that you can capture the best picture. DJI OSMO ACTION is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS, which can shoot up to 4K@60fps video with 100Mbps stream, which is also the height that many sports cameras can’t reach.

At the same time, the camera lens can reach 145° wide angle and can hold enough content. The wider angle also brings more benefits to the image stabilization. In addition, DJI OSMO ACTION also built RockSteady stabilization technology to achieve stronger stability by slightly reducing the picture.

The author used GoPro HERO7 Black to compare the stability with DJI OSMO ACTION. The recording parameter is 1080p@60fps, which both turn on stability and distortion correction. Basically, the two levels are comparable, and the GoPro HERO7 Black is slightly better on the subtle jitter. For the first OSMO ACTION involving the motion camera stabilization algorithm, the performance is satisfactory enough.

GoPro Hero7 Black Stabilization

DJI OSMO ACTION stabilization effect

In addition, under the shooting interface, the camera’s wide-angle distortion can be quickly adjusted by sliding inward from the right edge of the screen. After the distortion correction, a small part of the field of view will also be lost, but the picture can be more straight. However, the distortion itself is a special way of expression, and if used properly, it can still get quite good results.

Before distortion adjustment

After distortion adjustment

With a wide-angle lens of 145°, the next gameplay is much more. For example, install more buildings:

The wider sky:

Even with the HDR mode of bracketing, it’s easy to capture the landmarks of the Lujiazui with higher contrast and wide angle.

The important point is that the camera mode option also provides the simultaneous output of JPG+RAW files, with a maximum photo pixel size of 12MP and a sensitivity of up to ISO 3200. The RAW file is in DNG format and is compatible with the mainstream Lightroom to the maximum extent.

In addition, DJI OSMO ACTION also provides a rich photo mode, including countdown photo, continuous shooting, interval continuous shooting. Although the motion camera is mainly based on video shooting, it still provides a lot of features.

Do you think this is over? Do not. Remember the front 1.4-inch color display mentioned earlier? It can actually take on many functions such as live view, SD card recordable duration, remaining battery capacity, and display shooting parameters. Just press and hold the QS (QuickSwitch) physical button on the right side of the camera, and the viewfinder screen can be switched from the back main screen to the front screen to complete the wide-angle self-timer.

In actual use, the author can clearly feel that the three-button layout is more convenient to control. For example, QS (QuickSwitch) is responsible for switching the shooting mode and front and rear screens, the recording button is responsible for recording and photographing, and the switch long press and short press are respectively for shutdown and Standby.

Seamlessly interface with market accessories

Due to the universal standard for the expansion bayonet under the protective cover of Osman OSMO ACTION, all the official, third-party kits on the market that fit the Xiaomi Mijia camera, the small ant motion camera, GoPro HERO and Finance are easy. Matches with DJI OSMO ACTION.

Perfect match with GoPro chest strap

From the current GoPro part kit, most of the OSMO ACTIONs in DJI can be well matched. Only a small number of kits are designed to interfere or match too tightly. For example, GoPro’s officially designed self-timer tripod two-in-one kit is too easy. Installed with DJI OSMO ACTION. But more often, such as wear kits, support bases, etc., the degree of adaptation is like an official product.

This means that before the outbreak of a large wave of official expansion kits in DJI, there are a large number of expansion devices on the market that can match the Oswego OSMO ACTION. And the imagination and creativity of the fans are very strong, from hiking, underwater photography, to cycling, Self-driving and even the concert clip extension on Live, as long as you can think of it, have the opportunity to install DJI OSMO ACTION.

You can put it on your chest, ride a bicycle, and make a roundabout around the Suzhou River.

It can also be installed on a go-kart and record its own embarrassment.

DJI OSMO ACTION itself also provides a set of spot metering function, to ensure that the exposure within the point is normal when recording video, not to take a self-portrait or follow the shot, the subject is too dark or the face is too dark.

Spot metering different position effects

DJI OSMO ACTION provides two video formats, MOV and MP4 (H.264), and in order to ensure the recording experience of high-definition video, DJI recommends the use of mainstream brand MicroSD cards with write speeds above 30MB/s. And if the recording time is long, DJI OSMO ACTION will automatically split the video into several video files for later management.

Similarly, the video section also provides three high frame rate formats of 100fps, 120fps, and 240fps at 1080p and 720p resolution, and similar to the iPhone can automatically generate slow-motion video, press the record button to get the film. At the same time, the camera itself has also joined the delay mode, as long as the OSMO ACTION fixed position in DJI, waiting for a period of time, the income block is not a problem.

You don’t have to wait until the material is collected and go home and output it to the tablet. With the DJI MIMO APP for use with the OSMO Pocket PTZ camera, you can instantly store your videos and photos on your phone. Of course, you still need to pay attention to the video quality, even the 5 minutes of video, in the high-resolution, high-rate rate of support, may be up to several GB, not ten minutes, afraid that it can not be completely transmitted to the phone.

DJI, which is good at wireless signal communication, naturally knows the importance of communication stability. OSMO ACTION itself provides 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, and Bluetooth 4.2 protocol connection, but for users, you don’t need to know so much, just open DJI MIMO APP, the software will automatically prompt and choose to pair with the nearest device. From a logical point of view, as long as you are accustomed to the operation of the equipment in the past, it is very simple to control and edit the OSMO ACTION video through the DJI MIMO APP. Simply select a template, video, and auto-clip wait for generation, and you can quickly upload it to your social platform.

If you are a high-end player, consider choosing D-Cinelike or HDR mode during video capture. The D-Cinelike color mode provides greater post-grading space as much as possible without changing camera performance. HDR video can increase the maximum dynamic range of 3 files. Of course, choosing these two modes also means that you need to leave plenty of time to stay.

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DJI OSMO ACTION looks more like a product with a thick and thin hair. It is only the first generation and the first one involving the sports camera field. The Osman OSMO ACTION gives a very impressive impression. It has a more reasonable control and smooth interface and supports most sports in the market. Camera extension kit, and a mature mobile phone APP as a support, if there is just one lack of a sports camera, DJI OSMO ACTION is definitely an option that is difficult to reject.

It can be said that this is a product that integrates most of the advantages of mainstream sports cameras in the market. It is very suitable to call it a new spoiler in the existing market. The Osmo Action sports camera is priced at only 2,499 yuan.

Next, DJI OSMO ACTION will become a weapon to help DJI enter the field of extreme sports. It only takes some time, and DJI has the opportunity to broaden and form its own sports fan culture. At least in terms of product quality, DJI OSMO ACTION has performed well enough.


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