DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal Review: with PTZ 4K 60fps Camera For Smart Shooting For Just $405.99 at Gearbest


How do you record the worthwhile moments? With the smallest 3-axis image stabilizer that DJI has ever designed, the compact and smart DJI Osmo Pocket turns every moment into a cinematic memory. In just seconds, Osmo Pocket lets you share your life anytime, anywhere. Osmo Pocket uses the smallest 3-axis mechanical vibration gimbal of DJI. Right at the time of recording, the device will adjust your motion precisely, turning the video on your hand to the quality of the movie.


DJI Osmo Pocket owns a mold-breaking design with a weight of just 116 grams, dimensions 121.9 x 28.6 x 36.9 mm. Osmo Pocket boldly presents a DJI approach with modern technology. The device is as convenient as a smartphone or your wallet and other daily necessities to provide everything you need for a shake-free shot in any situation. Non-slip sandstone grip and anti-perspiration, for a comfortable grip. The touchscreen and integrated buttons provide a fast, one-handed user experience, allowing you to select mode and adjust settings in a few quick clicks and tapes. On the body of the device is a status light, button/shot, power button, Universal Port, Micro SD card slot, Mic hole, touchscreen display live view.

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DJI Osmo Pocket is a vibration-proof gimbal that combines a compact 4K camera just enough to move wherever you want. With a weight of just 110 g and a height of just 12 cm, the Osmi Pocket DJI is a pocket-sized device. The Gimbal comes with a 3-axis stabilizer to smooth out your movements, combining a 1 / 2.3-inch image sensor and an 80/80 wide-angle lens to shoot up to 4K60 and take 12MP photos onto a microSD card. Up to 256GB. Unlike a similar sized smartphone, Osmo Pocket features smart features like Active Track, FaceTrack, and MotionLapse to create attractive and creative effects. You can choose between 180 ° and 3×3 panoramas for wide-angle shots. FPV mode offers selfie perspective and NightShot can be used to capture luminous or low light scenes.

The DJI’s Mimo application can be paired with your smartphone to make your movies look bigger with pre-set shots, camera movement, filters, and background music. Connect the Osmo Pocket to a USB Type-C or lighting adapter to use your smartphone as a larger size viewfinder. In addition, the removable Wireless Module is available for remote control and transmission. Pro mode allows you to adjust the ISO setting and exposure of the camera. Gimbal has a passive cooling system that provides heat dissipation and a rechargeable battery that allows the camera to record 1080p video for up to 140 minutes. DJI Osmo Pocket comes with many accessories for you to enjoy the creative experience.


DJI Osmo Pocket is a powerful expression of DJI in accessing modern technology. The device is just a candy bar built to deliver the highest level of convenience, such as smartphones, wallets or other necessities in your life, any scene. Right now we can find DJI Osmo Pocket on Gearbest in Pre-Sale at $405.99


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