DJI Phantom 3 SE 4K RC Quadcopter Flash Sale with Coupon at @Tomtop


DJI Phantom 3 SE keeps on the classic design of  Phantom series, dependable .it is easy to operate dependably. Image quality and flying performance have been greatly improved. 4K camera,4 km HD image transmission, position positioning and 25-min lifetime and a series of high performance. Tomtop Has Flash Sale at $569.99 using this coupon code: LQPSE3

DJI Phantom 3 SE comes with a 4K camera which is designed especially for aerial filming.It can shoot 4K/30fps video and 12 MP pictures, capturing clear-cut images and rich details. 94° customized lens brings wide angle, and reduces distortion, reverting a real world.

New enhanced Wi-Fi HD transmission makes you a further flight and clearer view. DJI Phantom 3 SE supports 4 km video transmission and control distance, bringing you real-time shooting experience.

DJI intelligent flight control technology makes flight easier and safer. Excellent hardware design and intuitive mobile application make the aerial film as simple as shoot by phone. Route location and surround by interested points and other intelligent functions allow Phantom 3 SE fly professional routes automatically and capture images like a blockbuster.

With visual positioning system, DJI Phantom 3 SE can hover correctly and fly stably without GPS indoor. Ultrasonic sensor and vision sensor provide height and speed to Quadcopter so that it can increase the security of flight. DJI Phantom 3 SE is about 25-min lifetime, advanced power management protects batteries, which makes battery safer and a longer lifetime.

It’s maxed speed is up to 57 km/h, DJI Phantom 3 SE brings you the fun of high-speed flight, it can shoot stable even in strong wind. DJI Phantom 3 SE records where it should return automatically when it takes off. It will auto-return when a connection is off, a battery is low or receives return order. No need to worry about your flight. When GPS signal is good, release remote control joystick, then DJI Phantom 3 SE will hover and keep a stable height and position, waiting for the next order. You have enough time to plan routes or adjust shooting angle. When there is no GPS signal indoor, the visual positioning system can assist quadcopter hover and fly.

DJI Phantom 3 SE can take 4K/30p videos,-showing rich details and real colors. 12 MP, support JPEG, and DNG, more space for post processing. Built-in high accuracy 3-axis gimbal, DJI Phantom 3 SE gets rid of jitter and shock, making images stable and smooth all the time. Gimbal real-time compensate for vibration, tilt, and rotation, it can obtain stability even in high-speed flying. Customized 94° wide-angle lens reduce distortion and allows you to get an amazing view, the brilliant colors reverts a real world.

New enhanced Wi-Fi relay built in transmitter, which connects with quadcopter and mobile device, you can check real-time transmission, set camera and quadcopter. The image transmission and control distance is 4 km,  accurate, signal transmission is stable and reliable. A transmitter for DJI Phantom 3 SE has been well-designed and adjusted, control joystick is sense accurate, it deliver every order precisely to quadcopter,  gimbal control trackwheel can control pitch of camera , you can adjust shooting angle anytime.

Control shooting and video in flight by DJI GO App,  check key flight data and transmission , it is highly efficient .Built in editor in DJI GO provides you info and rich filter and convenient intelligent edit mode when you manage your video and pics . Aerial filming blockbuster is easy to get as you click the screen .

Be your own director and tell your story as never before. Reach for the sky and capture professional quality footage from a new perspective. With a crystal clear camera, real-time UHD video display, and intuitive flight controls, what will you create? you can buy DJI Phantom 3 SE From tomtop in flash sale at $569.99 if you using our coupon coode:  LQPSE3


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