DJI Releases Ronin 4D Flex Split Extension System at 4,999 yuan, $735


DJI Ronin 4D is the first film camera released by DJI in October 2021. It is equipped with the full-frame Zen X9 pantai camera and integrates the four-axis stabilization system, LiDAR laser focusing system and wireless image transmission control system.

It weighs about 4.67kg (excluding lens and memory card) and is now officially available with a new split solution Ronin 4D Flex priced at 4,999 yuan,$735.

Ronin 4D Flex reduces the weight of the hand to 1.8kg, which is only 34% of the weight of the Ronin 4D machine. It is convenient for photographers to hold the hand for a long time, especially in mobile shooting scenes such as documentaries, interviews or events. The lightweight Ronin 4D Flex has unique advantages. And it can meet the creation requirements of high picture quality of film and television.

The Ronin 4D Flex comes with a 2-meter pin-head extension cable for unprecedented flexibility in positioning. It can make the X9 camera as a super small movie remote control head, let you freely in the car, cabin and other extremely small space shuttle mirror.

The extended cable uses a very thin coaxial line to support lossless transmission of the original 8K high-speed signals captured by the sensor of the X9 gimbal camera, and integrates complete control, monitoring and other signal transmission functions, while ensuring the durability and flexibility of the cable bending arrangement in different scenes.

Ronin 4D Flex is a compact, lightweight, and powerful single-person camera system with a Ronin 4D control handle and body monitor, providing photographers with a complete solution that includes 8K cinema-quality, three-axis head stabilization, LiDAR laser focus, professional monitoring and control.

When shooting at a fixed camera position, Ronin 4D Flex can be equipped with an official translation shaft locking component. Combined with the universal kit, Ronin 4D can break the weight limit of the lens and support SONY FE 70-200mmF2.8GM, FE200-600mm, F5.6-6.3G and other telephoto lenses.

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When used in conjunction with third-party special kits and follow-up motors, motion picture zoom and amorphic widescreen lenses such as Zeiss SP series and Kukx Anamorphic/i series can also be used to provide photographers with more diversified lens options.


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