DJI T40 Agricultural Drone Officially Released at 57,999 yuan, $9062


Today evening, DJI T40 agricultural UAV was officially released, using a new fuselage platform, and for fertilizer sowing, fruit tree spraying and other application scenarios for a number of optimization, price, T40 all-round set recommended price of 64,999 yuan, standard set recommended price of 57,999 yuan.

According to the report, THE T40 uses a coaxial twin rotor design, standard with 54 inch propeller, compared to the previous generation of 33% load increase, can be equipped with 40 kg spraying box or 50 kg seeding box, the spraying system is equipped with a new magnetic drive impeller pump, can provide 12 liters/minute of super flow.

As an agricultural DRONE, the T40 uses the first centrifugal valve design to prevent the leakage of liquid medicine when the nozzle starts and stops. The effective spraying range can reach 11 meters. According to the authorities, the measured field efficiency can reach 320 mu per hour, which is 30% higher than the previous generation of products.

It is worth mentioning that in order to improve operation efficiency, DJI increased the load of T40 seeding system to 50 kg, and increased the feeding port to facilitate rapid feeding. In the field scenario, the T40 seeding efficiency can reach 1.5 tons of fertilizer per hour.

In terms of core performance, T40 is equipped with the combination of “active phased array radar + binocular vision” pioneered by agricultural UAVs. The system can monitor the distance up to 50 meters, and at the same time, it can intelligently imitate the ground and slide over and around multiple obstacles.

With the equipped FPV ultra-high-definition camera, it can collect images of farmland and orchard in real time, generate high-definition maps by remote control, automatically identify plot boundaries and obstacles, and quickly plan operation routes of field and mountain orchards.

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Comprehensive configuration part, T40 has an EFI charging station, gasoline + mains double engine, the protection level of the whole machine reaches the car standard IPX6K, after folding body reduced 72%.


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