DJI Zenmuse P1 Camera with 45MP Officially Announced


On the evening of October 14, DJI unveiled its first full-frame sensor camera load, Zenmuse P1. With Jingwei M300RTK and DJI software, it can provide high-precision, high-efficiency and integrated aerial measurement solutions.

Its CMOS pixel up to 45 million, the maximum resolution of 8192×5460 photos, using global mechanical shutter (1/2000-1/8 seconds) and three-axis cradle head design, supports intelligent swing shooting, real-time map.

According to the official, Zenmuse P1 combined with longitude and latitude M300 RTK, can complete large-area modeling operations with high efficiency and high precision, and it only takes four flights of 140 minutes to acquire the ortho-data of 10 square kilometers.

Back in October 2017, DJI released its own DJI (DL) interchangeable lens aerial camera, the Zenmuse Mind X7, which uses APS-C with a 24 megapixel CMOS frame.

But dJI released four DL bayonet lenses, three of which were full-frame, and now their capabilities are finally fully released.

Dji Zenmuse P1 positioning is not ordinary aerial photography, photography enthusiasts, but professional terrain mapping, natural resources survey, geological disaster survey, engineering survey and other fields, dJI has not disclosed the price.


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