Dlodlo Glass H1 – A 3D VR Headset with Built-in 9-axis Sensor


Turning your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer, the Dlodlo Glass H1 VR Headset helps you to enter a true virtual reality world. It is compatible with most Android and iPhone devices with screen sizes between 5 and 6 inches, and supports a variety of mainstream 3D glasses equipment and allows you to choose output video and audio terminal equipment.


With a 9-axis sensor and high accurate pre-set algorithm based on precise head motion tracking system, sampling frequency can reach 1000Hz with less than 10ms latency, making this headset 60% faster than average. With Dlodlo H1, you can fully enjoy videos and games with minimum dizziness or other motion sicknesses.


Apart from the remarkable built-in sensors and high refresh rate, the Dlodlo Glass H1 sports a field of view of 120°, which is 20% wider than the average of 100°. The wider the field of view is, the more immersed in the content you will feel. That is how Dlodlo H1 brings reality to the virtual.


Bringing you an amazing 360° virtual cinema experience, the Dlodlo Glass H1 allows you to choose from multiple VR theater environments including Theater, Village, Natural and many others, offering you an IMAX-like experience in the comfort of your own home.


Dlodlo Glass H1 (VR Sprite) comes in Black or White as color, with dimension: 139.5mmx93mmx91mm. It has net weight 458 g and is compatible with 5.0 to 6.0 inches smartphones. For connector uses two Micro USB (Charging x1, data transmission x1). It has FOV 100 – 120 degree (depends on the size of smartphone) and with 9-axis sensor and a proximity sensor. Of course and it supports myopia up to -7.00 diopters for people with eye-seeing problems.


Dlodlo Glass H1 is a really very good 3D Vr Headset that you should add to your gadget collection. You can buy it at the lower price of $59 from 79$, if you use the coupon LHDD


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