Dlodlo V1 Will be the Lightest 2K VR Headset


Dlodo as a new brand for VR has released the lightest 2K VR headset, Dlodlo V1 in Beijing on June 6, which has abandoned the traditional equipment in heavy modelling and various wire harness belt to look like a  thickening oversized sunglasses full of fashion. This VR Headset has first announced at CES Asia in May 2015, they had developed  Dlodlo Glass H1 VR headset, After one year, all VR industry has changed a lot, there are many famous brands coming out. Based on this change, Dlodlo adjusted its direction from all-in-one VR Headset to detached VR.


In addition, Dlodlo also designed a D-Box mobile device without more details in Press conference. According to its official site, D-Box is a mobile device similar to smartphone which uses Allwinner Ultra-Octa processor and POWER VR G6230 GPU, running customized OS based on Android5.1 OS.


According to its CEO, Dlodlo V1 has adjusted its weight from 128g to 78g and its thickness only has 16mm. It comes with 2K screen with 2560X1024 screen resolution and  9 axis of gyroscope which has two advantages for  a bionic optical imaging system and space-time predicting algorithm. By this two systems, V1 can realize 100 degree visual angle, 90HZ refreshing rate and low to 10ms dynamic delay. Dlodlo V1 can support 60mm to 10mm distance adjustment range, 300 degrees of myopia glasses customization and somatosensory equipment interaction .

At this stage, the design of VR glasses will be mainly out of consideration for shading light of vision, but it is designed like a sun glass, it will not have nice shading light effect in theory. In addition, it’s difficult to use 2k screen for mobile device such as D-Box.

It’s a little pity that they haven’t released more about Dlodlo V1 in the press conference. It’s said it will go to the public on August 8 in New York, America. Then they will announce the price and details about this lightest VR. We will report more for you.


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